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FOOT CREAM — Cracked, smelly & tired feet

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What is it?

Our foot care cream is perfect all year round for all your foot care needs in one, that soaks in well and doesn't leave your feet oily, so you can apply & go.

Our Foot cream deeply moisturizes cracked heels with vitamin D oils like caster oil & also honey. Beeswax & coconut oil to form a barrier to lock all those oils in.

Antibacterial Peppermint essential oils will help with smelly feet on a daily basis.

Relaxes sore feet, made with our Regenerative farmed Certified organic herbs to regenerate your feet. Packed full of extremely alive ingredients that are truly active with minerals & antioxidants.

Night time routine

  • In the shower make sure you clean them really well with our coffee & seaweed scrub or use a pumice stone to take off the dead skin cells so your cream can soak in.
  • For smelly feet, after a shower make sure you really really dry your feet, even go as far as a hair dryer before adding your foot cream.
  • For tired feet, try a foot spa and then massage in the foot cream before bed, for very sore swollen feet try our Heat rub and Comfrey ointment for an intensive night treatment
  • For very dry cracked heels that need more than the cream, pat dry your feet and for an intensive treatment at night, I recommend our calendula ointment and pop some night socks on so you don’t slip around the floor or stain the sheets.

Day time routine

  • For dry cracked heels, use this foot cream during the day as often as you need it.

  • For tired feet, try and massage the foot cream in the morning & at lunchtime

  • For smelly feet, apply in the morning

 Why Use a foot cream?

  • Our feet do so so so much work for us they need to be looked after to keep them from cracking, callusing & growing bacteria
  • Smelly feet can be a bacteria problem that can get out of hand quickly, and can cause irreversible nail damage, with constant attention you can get it under control
  • Tired feet need a break so they can get up and go the next day, a massage with a good foot cream will go a long way.

Active All natural Ingredients, AKA the Hero of our Clean skincare

We use ionized rainwater, caught in a food-grade stainless steel tank. We ionize the water set at the Perfect PH for your skin, which is slightly acidic.

  • I infused our Regenerative grown Certified organic Herbs of Yellow Dock, Mallow, Dandelion, and Comfrey.
  • Blended with Certified Organic oils of Caster & Coconut Oil
  • Sustainable local low-heated honey & beeswax
  • Certified Organic Essential oil of Peppermint
  • Click here for a full list including the base we make from scratch

All in our reused packaging
- Circular packaging - Circular skincare

Australian-made True eco-sustainable skin care Est 2008
No greenwashing

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Aqua (Water), We use ionized rain water (caught in our stainless steel food grade tank) set at the Perfect PH for your skin, which is slightly Acid.
The water is used for our infusion of Herbs, Certified organic herbs, grown by Saarinen Organics AKA us! certification 19060 of
Blue mellow flowers - Malva sylvestris
Yellow dock root - Rumex crispus Calendula flowers- officinalis, Chamomile German flowers - Matricaria  officinalis.

Caster oil - Certified Organic Vegetable Oil - ACO 10282P, Ricinus communis, cold pressed,

Emulsifying wax -  is derived from plant-based alcohols and sugars, Cetyl and stearyl alcohol both come from the natural fatty acids found in coconut oil. 

Glycerin - Certified Organic Glycerine, derived from Flaxseeds, Palm Free. - ACO 10282P.

Preservative - Styrax Benzoin Gum - dried out gum from the Styrax Benzoin tree. 

Coconut oil - Cocos nucifera- cold pressed - Refined Certified Organic Vegetable Oil - ACO 10282P, 

Beeswax - Beeswax Australian Unrefined Certified Organic - ACO 10282P

Honey - cera alba (from Tony Bee)Local Naturally derived

Peppermint essential oil - Peppermint (Cornmint) Certified Organic Oil - ACO 10282P

Preservative- Parfum - Australian certified organic approved trademarked ingredient (we cannot use the name of the product only Parfum) made from a vegetable based preservative with a Vanilla and Almond aroma used to preserve cosmetic formulations, providing good product stability and resistance to microbial contamination. Being a natural preservative it also accommodates consumer demands for naturally derived cosmetic ingredients and preservative free products.

Our cream bases
At Saarinen Organics, we make our own cream base to protect the integrity of our products, so you and I can be sure exactly what goes in it. Also I formulate each individual product in accordance to the consistency of the natural ingredients. No batch is exactly the same so there may be variants in color, texture, consistency and smell  - that's the nature of natural ingredients

Many products contain active ingredients combined with a cream base purchased somewhere else.

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