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Simple Daily Regime

  • TONER - On a make up pad remover tone the oily areas.
    Before you hop in the shower, tone to clean off excess oil, dirt & makeup.
  • SCRUB - In the shower, scrub from the chest up - the wax beads will clean than melt, not strip.
  • TONER - After the shower, Tone your oily areas only. To disinfect and close the pores.
  • DAY MOISTURISER - Wait 20 minutes for your own oils to come back and only moisturise where you are dry - Use it day and night.
  • DAY SUNSCREEN - Our day cream with SPF 15 sunscreen for intermitted sun exposure.
  • PIMPLE DAY TREATMENT - Keep it in your bag to dab on to dry pesky pimples out

TIP - Nourishing Serum - Always look after under your eyes.
TIP - Seaweed Face Mask 
is a fantastic balancing mask on a fortnightly basis.


From $26.00

SCRUB CLEANSER - Cleans & moisturises your face


NOURISHING SERUM OIL - Vitamin E Under eye treatment


TONER — For Pimples, Hormonal & large pores


DAY FACE CREAM — Light for all skin types

From $22.00

SEAWEED CLAY MASK — To feed your collagen


PIMPLE DAY TREATMENT - To dry pesky pimples out


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