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My Daughter was 6 months old when she was diagnosed with a itchy eczema. I created my first cream 14 years ago for her. 

Our Hypericum Body Cream is best for large areas. I ferment Hypericum - St johns wart in apple cider vinegar for 6 months, I am chasing the local numbing qualities

Our Hypericum Oil infusion is best for small dry itchy areas to neutralize itchiness.

Calendula Ointment is for when the itch has subsided and deep moisture is needed for the rest of the day. 

Bundle & save Intensive Skin Treatment for very dry skin bundle and save offer contains – Hypericum cream – Hypericum oil – Calendula Ointment.

Itchy skin solutions

ITCHY SKIN SOLUTIONS SET with free shipping


HYPERICUM CREAM Itchy skin & scalp

From $17.00

HYPERICUM OIL – For Insect bites, cold sores & itchy patches

From $20.00

CALENDULA OINTMENT For dry small patches

From $14.00

Itchy skin DIY Kit


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