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CALENDULA OINTMENT For dry small patches

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Nourish those areas in need with CALENDULA OINTMENT! This sustainable ointment is truly eco-friendly, so you can feel good about treating your parched spots. Get naturally moisturized and enjoy the sweet relief you deserve!

Calendula Ointment has a slow-absorbing topical formula to nourish skin, providing a protective barrier for dry/red patches, cracked lips, elbows, heels, hands, fingertips, and baby bottoms. An anti-aging option for delicate eye area, it contains regenerative-grown certified organic calendula flowers, locally-sourced beeswax, and organic olive oil for gentle skin care. Much gentler than petrochemical ointments.

  • Best applied at night after a shower to clean skin
  • Heels - Dry cracked heels, apply & pop a sock on 
  • Hands & Fingers - Dry cracked fingers, apply, and pop gloves over the top.
  • Baby's bottoms - Apply liberally at night for a really good barrier.

Routine for Day time 

  • Lips - Apply frequently to dry cracked lips.
  • Heels & feet - Best to apply our foot cream as it is an apply and go cream that soaks in well.
  • Hands - apply after every hand wash, just a little though, and apply our Gardeners hand cream for a quick soak in treatment
  • Baby's bottoms apply at every change to create a barrier
  • And any little Knick or scratch to keep hydrated.


    Discover why CALENDULA OINTMENT is an effective solution for dry, small patches.
    Ointments have a long history, with use as a form of medicinal herb remedy beginning in Ancient Egypt. Though their consistency is distinctly thick, they are highly absorbent. As they must remain on the affected area to be effective, their absorption process is rather slow.


    Key Players in our Eco Sustainable Skincare solutions that work

    Made with renewable solar energy, Regeneratively-grown Herbs from our Certified-organic Permaculture farm, and rainwater collected in a stainless-steel food-grade tank, we craft our skin care recipes from the ground up. Our ingredients are never compromised.
    Our ionization process adjusts the pH level to slightly acidic, which is optimal for supporting skin health. 
    From the mountains of the Far South coast, NSW.
    No greenwashing here 

    See our full list of ingredients below.


    Olive oil - Olea europaea, cold pressed, Olive Extra Virgin Certified Organic Vegetable Oil - ACO 10282P

    Calendula flowers- officinalis - Certified organic - AS 6000-2015: Organic and Biodynamic Products - Saarinen Organics - Certificate No. 20055 

    Beeswax - Beeswax Australian Unrefined Certified Organic - ACO 10282P

    Our cream bases
    At Saarinen Organics, we make our own cream base to protect the integrity of our products, so you and I can be sure exactly what goes in it. Also I formulate each individual product in accordance to the consistency of the natural ingredients. No batch is exactly the same so there may be variants in color, texture, consistency and smell  - that's the nature of natural ingredients

    Many products contain active ingredients combined with a cream base purchased somewhere else.

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