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HYPERICUM OIL – For Insect bites, cold sores & itchy patches

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What is Hypericum Oil?

For Insect bites, cold sores & itchy patches, Hypericum infused oil & Certified organic essential oils quickly neutralise the acid injected by pesky critters. This neutralises the sting & prevents itch & swelling from the body's histamine response. An antihistamine tablet may be recommended by chemists.

 Our Hypericum cream is fantastic to calm the itch from the insect bites.

Insect repellent to stop mozzies in their tracks

BUNDLE & SAVE with our itchy skin solutions kit


  • STINGS - As soon as you are stung apply the hypericum oil, keep dabbing it on until the sting has eased and the itch sets in, remember to use the Hypericum cream for longevity
  • COLDSORES - As soon as you feel a tingle, dab a little on and keep dabbing it on. It doesn't taste great though it works.
  • ITCHY - Keep it in your bag for small areas.

     Key Players in our Eco Sustainable Skincare solutions that work

    Made with renewable solar energy, Regeneratively-grown Herbs from our Certified-organic Permaculture farm, and rainwater collected in a stainless-steel food-grade tank, we craft our skin care recipes from the ground up. Our ingredients are never compromised.
    Our ionization process adjusts the pH level to slightly acidic, which is optimal for supporting skin health. 
    From the mountains of the Far South coast, NSW.
    See our full list of ingredients below.

    St Johns wart-Hypericum, certified organic

    Olive oil -Olea europaea, cold pressed, Olive Extra Virgin Certified Organic Vegetable Oil - ACO 10282P

    Peppermint essential oil -Peppermint (Cornmint) Certified Organic Oil - ACO 10282P

    Lavender essential oil - Grosso - Local Biodynamically grown -Mt Darragh Lavender farm

    Rosemary Essential oil - Rosemary Verbenone Certified Organic Oil - ACO 10282P

    Rosalina essential oil -Melaleuca ericifolia- Certified Organic (ACO) 

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