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What is it?

A complete daily 3 step system to safely and naturally clean pimples away. Pairing it right back using known tried and tested ingredients with herbal infusions, witch-hazel & hydrosols.

We have been working with teens for 15 years and have helped them in so many ways with self confidence & taking back control of their skin by understanding why we get pimples.

We have created a whole new website especially for teens to help them in every way, beyoo is our sister brand, pop on over to see great tips on the website and fun insta and tictok as well.

Routine for teens

  1. Use the Toner to clean your face of the days dirt and oil before you hop in the shower, for when your pores open from the heat in the shower all that goop will get sucked in and compound the problem.
  2. Scrub out the pores with our Scrub Cleanser made with Jojoba wax beads that melt and moisturise.
  3. Tone a second time once out of the shower, this will disinfect and close the pores.
  4. Wait 20 minutes for your own oils to return, only moisturise where you feel dry, never over pimples.
  5. Pop our Pimple Day treatment on pesky pimples during the day to dry them out.

Routine for Mature age Break outs

  • Use the Toner on the pimply break out area before a shower
  • Scrub in the shower all over your face
  • Tone only the pimple areas after the shower
  • Even sit a makeup pad on the pimples for 10 minutes with the toner on it
  • Moisturise as normal, though not over the pimples.
  • Use the Pimple day treatment during the day to dab on break outs

Why ?

  • It is super important to clean out your pores every day
  • We need to allow your sebum oil to be able to penetrate through the pores without clogging the skin
  • A build up of dirt and the oil will cause mini infections AKA pimples
  • If left untreated those pores can stretch leaving "creators" visible holes in the skin

Australian made True eco sustainable skin care Est 2008
No green washing

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