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Why we called our business “Saarinen Organics”


With our big banner up at the markets,”Saarinen Organics” customers often stop and ask “Is that a Finish name?” or “why Saarinen Organics”

Well this particular decisions is a bit of a love story, I know, I know, the first rule of business is to make decisions with your head not your heart, Our buisness name is all about my hubby, for “Saarinen” is my husband Gregg’s surname, with the origin of Finland, he is the second handsome generation in Australia.(Tall, blonde, blue eyed and yummy!!)

Ok so there was a little bit of business in there for the Saarinen’s have a very strong background of architecture and carpentry, infact my husband is a licenced carpenter and so is his father, funny enough Gregg’s sister even married a carpenter, that’s a very strong family gene!

The name Saarinen has links with Eero Saarinen, the very famous architect and is now considered one of the masters of American 20th-century architecture. There has been a surge of interest in Saarinen’s work in recent years, including a major exhibition and several books.

Eero Saarinen first received critical recognition, while still working for his father, for a chair designed together with Charles Eames for the “Organic Design in Home Furnishings” competition in 1940, for which they received first prize. The “Tulip Chair“, like all other Saarinen chairs, was taken into production by the Knoll furniture company. ( I tried to buy one for my hubby, though alas to expensive for this little black duck) He went on to be part of the Sydney opera house as well as many famous buildings.

Annnnd this is where it gets soppy!

I often am referred to as the owner and founder of Saarinen organics, as for the part of the creams, yes this is so, though it has been rather a joint Business effort. With Gregg’s amazing skills, we have been able to create a little slice of paradise here with our straw bale home, store shed, processing room, paving, retainer walls he has done all with his bare hands and a little help from me. As the business has grown he has built buildings to accommodate it with class and style using environmental friendly building resources where he can. Therefore i wanted to honor Gregg’s major input in our business by naming it after him. Awwwww kiss, kiss.

We are definitely a team, I am the main gardener, manufacturer and harvester while he builds the infrastructure, all the irrigation and fencing as well (we only got a professional fencer in a little while ago to help due to time) Gregg also is the muscles in our operation loading and unloading and setting up at markets. Unpacking deliveries, sending things off, we defiantly share the workload that is for sure oh and yes he is often knee deep in the washing up when its time to manufacture (still don’t trust him to lable yet!!)

So there you go, a team we are, the man behind the woman, with his strength and love, together we have and are building a dream together, without my Mr Gregg Saarinen, i don’t think i would be where i am today, and i am lucky that he says the same thing about me.

Love him to bits and love being Mrs Saarinen (apart from when he leaves the toilet seat up of course)


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  1. OMG!!! I love this!! Thank you so much for sharing Kaye!! Xxxxxx

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