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Why use a Toner, how and when!


There has been some controversial conversations in regards to the use of toners of late. The humble toner has had a bad wrap, only due to its most advertised use being that of restoring the PH balance once soap had been used to clean the face (and please, please i hope no one reading this is still using soap on their beautiful delicate facial skin!!). Additionally, some of the concern is also due to the over chemically manufactured toners on the market which dry out the skin far, far too much, leading to the decline of Toners in your daily skin care regime.

The humble, well formulated, all natural toner has many, many greater uses and applications than once advertised. I think, and thankfully many beauticians agree, that the humble toner has a MAJOR place in beauty and is making a come back, (just would like to say at this point that i have been making our toner now for 8 years, just to clarify that i am not just jumping on the band wagon!!!! 🙂 It’s essential for achieving a healthy, radiant glow. You’ll find that applying a toner can be the perfect addition to your skin-care routine.

After cleansing, your skin needs a range of ingredients to restore and soothe its surface. Skin can never get too much of these important ingredients, which include antioxidants and antibacterial ingredients as well as soothers. The benefits can give your skin a healthy, younger, fresher appearance and can be felt and seen almost instantly.


  • Oily skin.
  • Large pores.
  • Hormonal breakout prone skin.
  • Pimples and acne.
  • Scrub cleansed skin.


Tone your face before and after a shower with our All Natural Toner!


For oily skin and large pores that attract dirt. So if you don’t tone first, when you hop into the shower your pores will open up quickly and absorb even more dirt and grime from the day,creating more of a problem.


So soak a facial flat cotton wool with toner and wipe your face gently, don’t go at it like your buffing your silver wear! avoiding under your eyes, following your cheek bone. With a fresh cotton wool, again soak it with our all natural toner and press on very effected areas where pimples and acne are present, this second application is the first antibacterial phase for pimples, leave it there for a little bit to utilize the amazing essential oil of Lavender Angustifolia, the only lavender you can apply to your face. Also this is a perfect time for the antioxidants to do there thing which is found in many of the ingredients though particularly in the Certified organic Witch Hazel and Certified organic Rosewater, which are the prominent active ingredients in our all natural Toner.

Once in the shower and your pores open up, this is the best time to gently scrub with our scrub cleanser, packed with jojoba wax beads they are strong enough to clean the pores out than they melt leaving your skin clean and moisturized though not that horrible and tight, absolutely stripped of all oils feeling when you use a chemical scrub, remember! We are cleaning, it’s not an oil and grease change! And of course the honey will sooth the tender freshly scrubbed skin.

Once out of the shower do your tone again, for this is the second anti bacterial treatment for exposed acne and pimples and helps to close large pores.


For acne, pimple and oily skin types, please wait another 15 to 20 minutes to allow the skins oils to re balance and only moisturizer those areas that are dry, avoid effected areas and ONLY moisturise if you really need to though. Use it sparingly and use our Day cream with soothing Aloe vera. Do look after under your eyes though and of course your neck, our nourishing serum is the one i would recommend for oily skin for you only need a small amount and the oil has a very long life span. For your neck I recommend our Intensive night cream with Aloe vera. For all other skin types I recommend our Intensive night cream.


Certified organic Witch Hazel, Certified organic Rosewater, Local Chemical free Lavender essential oil, Certified organic Glycerin, Tincture of Benzoin and a fresh herbal infusion of Elder flower,Borage flower, Lavender and Calendula flowers.

The fresh herbal infusion in our toner, I make using our fresh medicinal herbs grown right here at Saarinen Organics and infusing them in our rain water, caught in the stainless steel food grade tank. For more information visit our blog in regards to our water.

You can try our all natural toner by ordering here.

Here’s to healthy, glowing, clean skin naturally xx

P.S if you love our toner please do leave a review to help grow our small family business, we are growing through word of mouth and i would loooove to here from my customers, thank-you in advance, I really appreciate it

xx Kay

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