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Why do mozzie bites hurt

Ok so remember mozzies are attracted by our smell of carbon dioxide and lactic acid which we excrete,

So why do mozzie bites hurt so much – mozzies inject a protein, anticoagulant and annacetic into the body, the anaesthetic is only effective while they are sucking, the sting is as they are leaving, you can catch them but often it’s too late.


The protein is delivered with a fatty acid which creates the stinging feeling.


Protein is what viruses are made up of so therefore the body goes into overdrive to get rid of it.

The body’s immune system releases histamine, a compound that helps white blood cells get to the affected area. Histamine is what causes itchiness, inflammation, and swelling, therefore this is why the chemist will say to buy a “antihistamine” to stop the swelling.


There are 2 things we need to do to stop the sting immediately and than the slow soothing of the effects of the body’s immune system of the itchiness, inflammation and swelling.


The first is our Hypericum oil to stop the first initial sting

Our hypericum cream will slow stop the itch and swelling.


I have a DIY coming shortly

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