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Hello to all my beautiful peeps
The time has come to say goodbye!…………. but not!!!!

This is goodbye to our old faithful website that is!

We have had this site for 12 years, a good old hand made website that just can’t hack new tech, constantly giving it CPR, so we have taken the plunge and are pulling the plug & building a new website on shopify. YAY

What does this mean for you?

1- The URL Eco seed to skin will be the same so the change over will be smooth.
2 – the pay system will change from paypal to Stripe, much cheaper fees for u & I
3 – Unfortunately you will have to re log in to the new look website with your
– delivery details
– phone
– email
– and reset your passwords.
I’m so sorry we just cant take that info with us.

4 – We have also crunched the numbers (with the end of the financial year pending) and have realised the increase on ingredients and packaging has gone up considerably.

So while our old website is still livingĀ  you can grab yourself your favourites at original market prices, some will have to sneak up, though we will still offer bundled products & specials.

oh and pop the below code in for $10 off your 30ml sunscreen day cream xx


chat soon kay xx

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