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Stinging Nettle In Creams ??? WHAAAAAT!


How I love you, we have grown the best stinging nettle I have ever seen in our garden this year, check out the little spikes on this beauty, oooo does it pack a punch too!!!

Each spiky hair is like a hollow needle filled with formic acid, the same chemical in ant saliva that causes pain to humans when bitten (hence why our hypericum oil is also good for nettle bites and ant bites).

So why oh why?? I hear you mutter!! Well, we use the fresh leaves and stems in our night, day, and eye creams as it is an . . .

Anti-inflammatory: This is perhaps one of its most well-known properties. Nettle has a natural ability to calm and soothe inflammation, which makes it the perfect choice for helping to reduce redness in dry skin.

Antioxidant: Like most plants, nettle has a number of protective antioxidants that help reduce free radical damage to the skin, providing anti-aging benefits.

Antibacterial: Research has shown that nettle is effective against microorganisms, helping to kill off bacteria. This makes it effective against acne and a natural preservative in skincare products.

Also nettle is great for . . .

Razor nicks and swelling: Nettle has a natural astringent property that helps to reduce the swelling associated with active acne and razor nicks. You can apply a solution of the extract to the skin to help stop bleeding, as well as to shrink and tighten pores. To make your own rinse, boil finely crushed nettle leaves in water for 10 minutes, then let it cool and use to rinse the scalp.

Hair growth: Nettle is said to have a stimulating effect on the scalp, and is often found as a rinse for the hair. It may help to regenerate hair growth and reduce dandruff.

Nettle is often found in wet gullies, we are lucky enough to have a plentiful supply in our pristine creek beds that bound a national park. We are only the second farm that the creek meets after coming out of the national park, lucky for us the farm next door is a wildlife carer and the national park is far to steep for any weed spraying, lucky we are!

Nettle is harvested easily with gloves, I think I have been stung so many times that I hardly feel it anymore, I must admit I do carry a bottle of our hypericum oil with me ‘just incase I get bitten good’ when I venture down the creek.

My little daughter is a laugh, from a little tot she has called it “the owie bite you plant” lol, cute hey.

We are fortunate too that I can grow it in our garden, not many people do this, as our business has grown I don’t have the luxury of donning the gummies and trekking down to the creek to fetch my fresh nettle for the infusions I make for our night, day, and eye creams. So now I do grow it for a quick fresh harvest, and I must say this year’s nettle has packed a punch after all this rain, annnnnd I have grown it along the path!!! I do hear my name cursed from my hubby from time to time, I shan’t share what he says!!!

So this is why the dreaded stinging nettle has a place in my heart and in my creams.

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