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skin food smoothie

Bring back your glow with this DIY skin food smoothie.
Fantastic for collagen support, for muscle and joint pain as well.
1 cup of organic rolled oats
1 table spoon of seaweed granules
1 table spoon of LSA
1 teaspoon of beetroot powder
1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
Mix all dried ingredients and store it in a bulk jar
Every morning add
Half cup of oat Mix to
Half cup raspberry’s
Half a avocado
Coconut milk
Blitz, drink enjoy.
Mix all dried ing

2 thoughts on “skin food smoothie

  1. Hi Kay,
    This smoothie sounds sensational… I definitely relate. I get muscle aches and joint pain and restless body over night and wake often..
    I’ve been looking up turmeric, seaweed and beetroot powder and finding it a minefield as to who I should be buying from..
    Can you help with some reputable sources.

    1. hi there, yes the struggle is real with joint pain and menopause. I buy my seaweed from sea health from jo lane, the best in Australia. Tumerix is a sensational turmeric powder and beetroot powder i suggest from your local wholefoods, certified organic is the best xx

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