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Seaweed in skin care for COVID 19

Our new Seaweed hand cream for COVID 19 drying effect of keeping ourselves safe with over washing and sanitizing our hands resulting in very dry skin, has been flying off the shelves.

We are so proud of this cream with our collaboration with Jo Lane who is a marine biologist who supplies us with her very impressive seaweed – Kelp.

We interviewed Jo on friday, you can check out the interview on our facebook page

“Have you ever thought about when you swim in the ocean how good and invergratede you feel afterward, the ocean has over 40 different minerals, some of which are vital for our bodies health and immune system

Seaweed is a great addition to skincare, it has a high mineral content,vitamins, amino acids, and biologically active ingredients, it also has omega 3and omega 6 oils which promote cell regeneration and skin health 

These properties of kelp are great to cleanse, nourish, hydrate, and enrich the skin. Ever notice while walking on the beach seaweed [kelp] washed up, still after lying in the sun for hours it still retains moisture and elasticity, its these same properties that make it a fantastic for nourishing and hydrating your skin”

We take this another step and use seaweed in our skincare range.

Seaweed Nourishing & Antibacterial cream for over washed COVID 19 hands

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