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Bundle and save 10%! This is fantastic for very dry skin. The hypericum oil is the first application to soothe the skin, followed by hypericum cream and the calendula ointment.

Hypericum Cream — For Itchy Skin

Hypericum Tincture—Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

The most common cause of itchy skin is Eczema, though interestingly enough it is the bodies reaction to eczema that causes the itch. Our white blood cells "workers" are delivered by a histamine that will eat the fats in the upper layer of the skin hence breaking the skin up causing dry skin that itches. My daughter Gemma has suffered from eczema so this is close to my heart. We need to find the cause of it so we can heal it and use topical applications to put the "glue" back into the skin through fat hydration, antibacterial to keep bacteria from entering and herbs to sooth and cool. I have a video explaining this.

We have had huge success with our Hypericum Cream with people who have extremely dry skin. We make it with apple cider vinegar tincture with hypericum—so it's not for the faint-hearted with a strong smell of vinegar and earthy herbs. 100ml to 250ml
Click here for a DIY Poultice for itchy skin
View our video on how to use our Hypericum Cream with tips xx


Hypericum oil - for insect bites - organically

For Insect bites to neutralise the sting, a quick, fast-acting hit of Certified organic Hypericum infused oil and Certified organic essential oils, stops you from tearing yourself apart.
Watch our video on our Hypericum oil
Scroll down for how to use and tips xx

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Calendula Ointment — Beeswax & Olive Oil

Beeswax, Olive Oil and Calendula Flowers

Perfect for all areas that are dry and red, excellent for dry cracked lips, elbows, heels, and fingertips.

Scroll down to view our Calendula Ointment video with great tips xx



This is fantastic for very dry skin that is conducive to being tight and itchy. Using the concentrated hypericum oil and essential oils is the first step to easing the dry itchy area, acting as the first line of defence. Once the itching starts to ease, apply the hypericum cream (perhaps a few applications over an hour). The hypericum cream has the intense apple cider vinegar hypericum tincture that we make on our permaculture farm, along with soothing honey, vitamin D oils, and antibacterial essential oils. After a few applications and all is well, pop on some calendula ointment which seals everything in and deeply moisturizes the area.

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Australian made all-natural skincare, helping you glow naturally.

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Hypericum Cream — For Itchy Skin

Hypericum oil - for insect bites - organically

Calendula Ointment — Beeswax & Olive Oil


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