Gardeners Hand Cream

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Comfrey Root and Apple Cider Vinegar

Made with an apple cider vinegar tincture of comfrey root for all hard-working hands, from carpenters and builders to gardeners. With antibacterial qualities for nicks and cracks, while leaving your hands smooth. We have also had great success with people who have very thin dry skin that bruises easily. It is not for the faint-hearted as the apple cider vinegar tincture aroma shines through and earthy herbal tones.

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Usage Tips: 

For incredibly thin dry skin that bruises easily, use on your body avoiding genitals and the face. The apple cider vinegar tincture of comfrey root strengthens the skin as well as rapidly drawing through the layers of hard-working hands leaving them smooth.  If your skin is itchy I recommend our Hypericum Cream.


Made in small batches using our apple cider vinegar tincture with comfrey root harvested from our permaculture farm—taking up to 6 months for the tincture to mature. Click here to view our video of pressing our hypericum tincture. We pack it full of certified olive oil, Saarinen Organics fresh herbal infusion, and certified organic antibacterial essential oils.

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A Note from Kay: We have had such success with this cream with people returning time and time again for over 10 years xx

Eco Seed To Skin by Saarinen Organics
Eco-sustainable skincare, made with permaculture grown herbs and solar energy
Growing fresh herbs and flowers for our products using permaculture principles
Organic herbal tinctures, infusions, and extractions all lovingly made on our solar-powered farm
Using local ingredients, employing members of the community, and strengthening our region
 Wyndham, Bega Valley, NSW, Australia

Additional information


Ionised rain water infusion of Saarinen Organics Permaculture grown herbs of Calendula, Chamomile, Comfrey and Apple cider vinegar tincture of Comfrey root,
Certified organic T-tree and Eucalyptus essential oils.
Certified organic oil of Olive.
Certified organic Glycerine – gmo and Palm oil free
Local Lavender essential oil
Chemical free Emulsifying wax – Coconut, TIncture of Benzoin – tree bark, Parfum – vanilla essence and almond essence.

At Saarinen Organics, we make our own cream base to protect the integrity of our products, so you and I can be sure exactly what goes in it.
Many products contain active ingredients combined with a cream base purchased somewhere else.


250ml, 100ml


  1. silverhorse (verified owner)

    bought from you at a market. have tried just about everything for athletes foot. this cream is the only thing I have found to control it. Even though that it is not what it is for lol
    I also bought one for a friend with horses. She loved it.

    • Kay Saarinen

      oh good im so glad that it has worked on your feet, it is a great all rounder xx

  2. Amanda Griffin (verified owner)

    I was a foolish young person and even though I applied sun protection daily to my face I never thought to apply it to my hands and forearms. I did a lot of driving in the far north west of NSW for a decade and now the skin on my hands and forearms has been seriously sun damaged. It is paper thin and bruises whenever something with an edge is pressed against it or tears like tissue paper. Often I don’t even notice it has happened until I see the bruises-or the blood. It takes just the slightest touch. The bruises are black or reddish black and unsightly and take ages to fade. I tried many products, my blood was tested, I got upset-none of it worked.
    Then I visited the Saarinen Organics stall at Candelo markets and stumbled upon this lovely lady with her wonderful products. She advised me to try the Gardeners Cream as people with similar problems had had good results. I was extremely sceptical but felt it was worth a try-anything was worth a try. That day I had bandages on both arms to cover up my terrible bruising. I had nothing to lose. I religiously applied the cream morning and evening. Whenever I became bruised I massaged the bruise for 60 seconds firmly at least twice (preferably 3-4 times) a day being careful not to do this immediately following the injury when it was still bleeding under the skin. A few hours is enough to wait before starting the treatment. I have been amazed and delighted that with this programme I can make truly horrible big black or dark red bruises disappear within a matter of 3-4 days rather than 2-3 weeks untreated. I do not know if my skin has been made more resilient by this cream-I suspect it has slightly but I believe that the damage is substantially irreversible at this late stage. However having this cream to accelerate the healing of the bruises has changed my life. I have not bandaged my arms for months. I feel more confident. If I need to show my arms I know that I can reduce or eradicate any unsightly bruises within a few days of the event if I am diligent and patient and apply the cream as needed. I cannot recommend this cream highly enough to anyone in my position. And please EVERYONE-wear sunblock.

    • Kay Saarinen

      hi, wow, this has made my heart sing, this is exactly how i formulated this cream to strengthen the skin and bring bruises to the surface quickly and rid of them. Wow thank you so very much for taking the time to tell your story, i feel your pain. This cream was inspired by my father who suffered as you did.

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