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Our dynamic duo!! These 2 just go hand in hand. I have been making these 2 for 10 years now and i cant live without them, so i have decided to offer them both to you at a discount, oh but that’s not all, they come in a cute black cotton bag and also a how to card just incase you forget xx

Insect repellent naturally, pop it on your heat points to activate the essential oils. Hypericum oil on if you are caught unawares. Australia

I have alot of tips to make your summer mozzie free naturally, check out my YouTube video on how 

Hypericum oil - for insect bites - organically

For Insect bites to neutralise the sting, a quick, fast-acting hit of Certified organic Hypericum infused oil and Certified organic essential oils, stops you from tearing yourself apart.
Watch our video on our Hypericum oil
Scroll down for how to use and tips xx

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Insect Repellent

Our Insect repellent, little goes a long way. All you need to do is pop a little on your heat points, rub to activate and keep those pesky mozzies away.

Click here for our VIDEO on our Insect Repellent, or scroll down to view for great tips.



After 13 years of testing and measuring we have nailed our mozzie repellent to nail mozzies. Insect repellent naturally made in Australia.

No need to smother yourself, pop it on your heat points and activate the essential oils that are in medicinal quantities which will keep them at bay, you only need a little, and when they start to land just pop a little more on.

Hypericum oil is for when the pesky critters catch you unawares, don’t scratch, pop a little hypericum on and it will neutralise the sting.


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insect 15ml


hypericum oil


Hypericum oil - for insect bites - organically

Insect Repellent


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