Cleanser — Citrus & Honey

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Citrus Essential Oils and Honey

It is so important to clean the face, to remove the day’s dirt, to open the pores, and absorb the nourishing Night Intensive Aloe Vera moisturiser without harming or stripping the skin. 100ml

Scroll down to view our Cleanser video with great tips xx


Usage Tips:

  1. Using a makeup remover pad, pump a small amount on the pad and wipe all over to remove your makeup.
  2. Hop into the shower and scrub off the dead skin cells with our Scrub Cleanser.
  3. When out of the shower, roll on our Nourishing Serum.
  4. Lock in all that goodness with our Intensive Night Cream.

Additional Care:

  1. Use our Revitalising Mask once a month to rid your skin of free radicals.
  2. Mix our Revitalising Oil into the mask for extra nourishment.


With local low heated honey, certified organic citrus essential oils, and a fresh herbal infusion to clean your skin naturally.

For an extensive ingredients list please click on “additional information”.

Eco Seed To Skin by Saarinen Organics
Eco-sustainable skincare, made with permaculture grown herbs and solar energy
Growing fresh herbs and flowers for our products using permaculture principles
Organic herbal tinctures, infusions, and extractions all lovingly made on our solar-powered farm
Using local ingredients, employing members of the community, and strengthening our region
 Wyndham, Bega Valley, NSW, Australia

Additional information


Ionized rain water infusion of Saarinen Organics Permaculture grown herbs of Elder flowers, Chamomile, Dandelion leaves.
Certified organic Red Mandarin and Blood Orange essential oils, local low- heated chemical-free honey and beeswax,.
Certified organic oils of Wheat Germ, Coconut. Certified organic
Glycerin, Emulsifying wax – Coconut, TIncture of Benzoin – tree bark, Parfum – vanilla essence and almond essence.

At Saarinen Organics, we make our own cream base to protect the integrity of our products, so you and I can be sure exactly what goes in it.
Many products contain active ingredients combined with a cream base purchased somewhere else.


  1. Kay Saarinen

    Michelle Wilkie reviewed Saarinen Organics. — 5 star
    January 25 ·
    I am a total convert to the Saarinen Organics skin care!
    After receiving a gift pack for Xmas from my young daughter (bought on the sly at a local market) I gave the cleanser, day face cream and body & hand cream a go. Loved them all so much I bought a toner from The Market Place in Bega.
    The proof is in the pudding as they say, & after some great advice from Kay about how to use the products my skin is feeling fantastic. I love that what I am applying to my skin has been grown locally, organically AND totally works.
    The insect repellant absolutely stops bites & the hypericum oil stops itches. The oil was shown to me by a friend who had great success with treating her four children’s mosquito bites!
    I’ve had troubled skin and as I age it hasn’t settled the way I had hoped it would – until I started using the Saarinen Organic skin care. I feel like my skin is glowing, and I am so pleased I am using products that will not build up toxins in my body as I continue to use Kay’s beautiful products.
    My teenage daughter is also enjoying the benefits of these products and as her hormones are naturally producing a lot of oil, these products are gentle but the pimple system is easy and effective 🙂 Thank-you Kay

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