Toner — Rosewater & Witch Hazel

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Rose and Witch Hazel floral water with herbal infusion

Our Toner is a MUST for pimply, large pores and hormonal breakout-prone skin. Tone daily with our all-natural toner, to clean the skin of oils, clarifying pimple prone skin, and shrinking pores. With our unique blend of Witch Hazel, Rosewater, Lavender essential oil, and a fresh herbal infusion from herbs grown on our permaculture farm. 100m

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Everyday Pimple Regime Usage Tips:

  1. Tone your face before you hop in the shower—to remove the day’s dirt and oil—by soaking a makeup remover pad and wiping all over your cool face, as when you hop in the shower all that goop on your face will be sucked into the pores and compound the problem if you don’t clean it all off first.
  2. Scrub in the shower with our Scrub Cleanser to clean out the pores.
  3. Tone after a shower to disinfect and close the pores.
  4. Always care for your under-eye area, as a lot of work is done here and is often neglected. I recommend our Serum.
  5. Wait 20 minutes for your own oil to return, only moisturise with a very light Day Cream where you feel dry, never moisturise on top of pimples.
  6. Apply Pimple Oil during the day to help dry up pesky pimples.

Additional Care:

  1. Use the blackhead Steamer if you have very large blackheads the scrub won’t move.
  2. Use the Pimple Mask once a month for bringing whiteheads to the surface. Check out our Eco Pimple Care Kit and our Blackhead Bundle and save.


Made with a herbal infusion from herbs that we grow on our permaculture farm—that are all about cleaning, not stripping—certified organic floral waters, witch hazel, and essential oils, all designed to clean naturally every day.

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A Note from Kay: Oily skin actually means that the body is working well, toning morning and night will help minimize the side effects of pimples in conjunction with drinking plenty of water.


Eco Seed To Skin by Saarinen Organics
Eco-sustainable skincare, made with permaculture grown herbs and solar energy
Growing fresh herbs and flowers for our products using permaculture principles
Organic herbal tinctures, infusions, and extractions all lovingly made on our solar-powered farm
Using local ingredients, employing members of the community, and strengthening our region
 Wyndham, Bega Valley, NSW, Australia
EST 2008

Additional information


Certified organic Witch Hazel, Certified organic Rose water.
Local, chemical free Mt Darragh Lavender.
Saarinen organics Permaculture grown herbs in a ionised water infusion of Borage, Lavender, Elderflower, Dandelion leaf.
Certified organic Glycerin (non Palm oil vegetable sourced). Chemical free Tincture of Benzoin (tree Bark)


  1. Lanae Burns (verified owner)

    I began using this toner with the scrub after having issues with stubborn blackheads on my nose for years. After a week or so following the instructions I started to notice less of them. I have tried many things but these seem to be it! I would highly recommend these products to anyone having similar issues. It is also nice to know where the products are made and their ingredients, as well as supporting a small Aussie business.

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