Calendula Ointment – beeswax and olive oil

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Beeswax, Olive Oil and Calendual flowers

Perfect for all areas that are dry and red, excellent for dry cracked lips, elbows, heels and fingertips.

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We grow our Calendula flowers on our Permaculture farm all year round, giving us access to fresh flowers to make our calendula oil infusion from scratch for our amazing Calendula ointment.
Usage Tips: Apply to all dry cracked skin all over the body from lips, heels, elbows, knees, babies bottoms and any little knick or scratch frequently to keep hydrated.

Ingredients: I blend our Permaculture grown Calendula infused in Certified Organic Olive oil with our magnificent local low heated Beeswax to make our very popular Calendula ointment. Our local beeswax is second to none, non refined, low heated so it still has honey in it. Of all the samples that i have tested over the 10 years i have been making calendula ointment no other beeswax has come close.

A Note from Kay: My daughter loves to help me pick the gorgeous bright orange calendula flowers, as we chat about life. We pick the calendula flowers after the morning dew has lifted when the flowers are open and before the native bees are out. It is so important to pick after a few dry days so the pollen is still fresh and abundant to get that really rich orange colour.

Eco seed to skin by Saarinen Organics
Eco, Sustainable Skin Care, made with Permaculture grown herbs and Solar energy.
Growing fresh herbs and flowers for our products using Permaculture principles.
Organic herbal tinctures, infusions and extractions all lovingly made on our solar-powered farm.
Using local ingredients, employing members of the community and strengthening our region.
 WYndham, Bega Valley, NSW, AUstralia

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15ml, 30ml, 60ml


Certified organic olive oil.
Local low heated beeswax.
Saarinen organics Permaculture Calendula flowers.


  1. etaylorster (verified owner)

    A wonderful product for dry skin repair, for smooth skin and soft hands. All round healing cream

  2. etaylorster (verified owner)

    a great product

  3. Ellie (verified owner)

    What can I say about this product. It is our go-to for everything, from dry skin to cuts and abrasions. I use it on my face at night time so seal in all the good stuff from the Nourishing Serum Oil, Hypericum Oil and Cream. My skin is so dry. This ointment actually gets in. My son has dry and peeling skin on his hands at the moment and uses this ointment for relief and repair. It smells so lovely as all Saarinen products do. This is the must-have all-purpose product I wouldn’t be without.

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