Oily Facial & Pimple Care

The best thing to do with pimples is clean, clean, clean and only ever moisturize when needed, ie only where it feels dry!

After 10 years of talking with customers and perfecting our recipes and regime i can confidently say that this below regime is very successful in controlling pimples.

1- Tone before the shower to rid of excess dirt and oil, for when you hop into the shower and those pores open fast they will draw in all that dirt and oil and compound the problem.

2- When in the shower scrub the whole face, the jojoba beads are strong enough to clean out the pores though they than melt and will moisturise.

3- Tone when you hop out of the shower to disinfect and close your pores.

4- Wait 20 minutes for all your own oils to resurface and only moisturise with our light day cream on the areas that are dry. This will get you in touch with your skin and e=when you need more you will know so you don’t waste money on just moisturising no matter what.


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Showing all 12 results