Itchy Skin Care

My Daughter was 6 months old when she was diagnosed with a itchy eczema. I created my first cream 14 years ago for her.  I have targeted my studies on Itchy skin research to find out
WHY eczema itches and what causes itchy skin
– Many DIY remedies you can do at home
After 14 years of actively talking every weekend at markets with people from all walks of life, all kinds of itchy skin, the need for a organic itchy skin care solutions that worked, we have listened, created, tested and measured to create a skincare range that targets dry, itchy skin.


Our Hypericum Body Cream is best for large areas, we make our Hypericum tincture for the cream with apple cider vinegar, blended with high fat content oils & vitamin D oils to replace the “glue” in the epidermis layer of the skin, also with antibacterial essential oils, & of course the certified organic herbs we grow on our Permaculture farm and local low heated honey to sooth & cool.
Our Hypericum Oil infusion is best for small dry itchy areas, easily kept in your bag or car, made with Hypericum infused oil with essential oils to neutralise itchiness.
Calendula Ointment is for when the itch has subsided and deep moisture is needed for the rest of the day. We grow calendula flowers on our organic farm year-round, which means that we have them available to prepare our infusions anew, with garden-fresh, natural, organic ingredients. With low-heat local, unrefined beeswax that still retains honey to produce the very best ointment.

Other Dry Itchy skin reasons
Your itchy skin condition may result from several factors. Liver or kidney problems, some medications, and dryness are triggers. Environmental factors such as sweltering or cold weather and low humidity may also cause it, as does bathing in hot water.

Our Intensive Skin Treatment for very dry skin bundle and save offer contains – Hypericum cream – Hypericum oil – Calendula Ointment.

We have developed self-sufficient, sustainable Permaculture ecosystems on our Certified organic farm where we grow our herbs and use 100% stand alone solar energy to produce our truly eco sustainable skin care –  NO GREEN WASHING

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Try our all-natural moisturiser for dry, itchy skin if you suffer from cracked or bleeding skin that feels tight or rough or if your skin flakes, peels, is red, looks grey or ashy.
About Saarinen Organics
Our itchy skincare range is antibacterial, targets taut, dehydrated areas and does not contain chemicals or artificial ingredients. Our multi-award winning family business employs local community members and uses home-grown ingredients to boost our Bega Valley region in NSW.
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Showing all 5 results