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Michelle Wilkie

Michelle Wilkie reviewed Saarinen Organics. โ€” 5 star
January 25

I am a total convert to the Saarinen Organics skin care!
After receiving a gift pack for Xmas from my young daughter (bought on the sly at a local market) I gave the cleanser, day face cream and body & hand cream a go. Loved them all so much I bought a toner from The Market Place in Bega.
The proof is in the pudding as they say, & after some great advice from Kay about how to use the products my skin is feeling fantastic. I love that what I am applying to my skin has been grown locally, organically AND totally works.
The insect repellant absolutely stops bites & the hypericum oil stops itches. The oil was shown to me by a friend who had great success with treating her four children’s mosquito bites!
I’ve had troubled skin and as I age it hasn’t settled the way I had hoped it would – until I started using the Saarinen Organic skin care. I feel like my skin is glowing, and I am so pleased I am using products that will not build up toxins in my body as I continue to use Kay’s beautiful products.
My teenage daughter is also enjoying the benefits of these products and as her hormones are naturally producing a lot of oil, these products are gentle but the pimple system is easy and effective  Thank-you Kay

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  1. Hi Kay
    I have really sensative skin and have never found a face scrub that doesnt irritate my skin. Your face scrub was really gentle, smelt great, felt gorgeous on my skin and and had instantaneous results-my skin looked really soft and glowy! I will be back for more of your products! Thanks to the buy from the bush campaign or i never would have found you!

    1. thank you so much, that recipe has taken 8 years to make, i am so happy you love it xx

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