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Menopause and Frizzy Dry hair

Why is my hair frizzier than normal and my nails are cracked?

This is the questions that i have been asked of late…and i can resinate for this has been happening to me as well.

What is happening?
Menopause- due the lack of estrogen.

What can we do to feed our system with silica
✅On the outside Rub in our seaweed hand cream to wet washed and conditioned hair as a leave in hair conditioner, for seaweed has a big component of silica.
Rub it into your nails to stop them from cracking
seaweed hand cream

 ✅On the inside Silica in our diet through whole food – Sea health seaweed
Silica in our diet through a supplement – Sandra Cabot’s Collagen food…

By Kay Saarinen – Eco skin care made sustainably in Australia NSW

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