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Know your ingredient: Almond oil


Most of us know that whole almonds are jam-packed full of fibre, Vitamin E, manganese and magnesium, but what about almond oil? This popular base oil for aromatherapy massage blends is also ultra-nourishing for your skin, especially when used regularly.


We buy our certified organic Australian almond oil from a co-op up north. Wherever possible, we support Aussie farmers.

History of cultivation

The almond – a member of the prunus or peach family –  is native to Syria, Turkey and Pakistan. It was spread by humans in ancient times along the shores of the Mediterranean into northern Africa and southern Europe.

Almonds were one of the earliest domesticated fruit trees because you can successfully raise them from seed. Domesticated almonds (as opposed to the wild version that have a bitter flavour) were found in archaeological sites around Numeria (Jordan) dating back to the Bronze Age (3000 – 2000 BC). They even found almonds in Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt, dating back to 1325 BC.


Almond oil, extracted from drupes (they’re not technically nuts), is known for its ability to soften and re-condition the skin. It is rich in proteins and Vitamin D, and is considered extremely nourishing – particularly when used regularly.

The face has different skin to the rest of the body. It’s much more sensitive and almond oil is easily absorbed into the pores.

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