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Kim Reddy

Kim Reddy reviewed Saarinen Organics. — 5 star

Saarinen organics skin care range are the best! My hubby and I have been using and singing the praises of these wonderful products for years. We like the healing qualities of the Calendula Oinment -used on any part of the body-, Hypericum Cream and the Gardeners hand cream. We love the fact that the ingredients in all of these products are not only organically grown and/or sourced locally, but are chemical free and purely natural. The Revitalising Clay & Mineral Mask with Revitalising Oil are my favorites leaving my skin feeling fabulous, I also like the Facial Scrub cleanser and heat rub for sore muscles. All of which leave you feeling that you are doing your body good. Hat’s off to Kay and Gregg for being so passionate in producing such a wonderful range of organic products.

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