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Hypericum oil – for insect bites – organically

For neutralising insect bites and stings, of all kinds of pesky critters.

Made with Certified Organic Hypericum herb that i infuse into Certified organic olive oil than blend certified organic essential oils.

Mozzies in particular inject a protein that is delivered by fatty acid, the acid is what makes the sting, and the bodies reaction makes the itch – i know right – snap!!!

So we need to address 2 different things, the sting and the itch from the insect bites.

1- Neutralise the sting – stop it instantly

2- Calm the itch and swelling – The body want to attach the protein by sending white blood cells to the area that is delivered by histamine – therefor that is why the chemists actually recommend antihistamine tablets.


Hypericum oil for the sting of insect bites
Hypericum cream for the itch from the protein of insect bites

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