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Seaweed and coffee body scrub 200ml
Seaweed mask 80gm
Aftersun 250ml

With free shipping and this will last all summer as a little goes a long way

What a perfect way to relax and hydrate.

Pop your seaweed mask on and relax as the silica feeds the collagen in your skin and scrub your whole body with the coffee and seaweed scrub that will stimulate cellulite and feed the skin as well, strengthening, tightening and hydrating.

Seaweed & Coffee Body Scrub 200ml

Locally roasted coffee removes the dead skin cells and the seaweed—locally harvested from Sea Health—is so full of goodness it actually feeds the collagen in the skin, tightening and replenishing. It also smells like chocolate WHAT!!!!! YUM!

Seaweed Clay Mask — Local Seaweed From Jo Lane - 80gm

Sea Health Seaweed from Jo Lane, locally harvested and powdered, a truly eco ingredient to help you glow naturally. Our Seaweed Mask is fabulous for all skin types, lightly drawing impurities out and plumping up the skin. A superfood for your skin.

Aftersun cream - 250ml

Seaweed's minerals and antioxidants, including Honey, Aloe Vera, Calendula oil, Coconut oil, and our Regenerative farmed herbs, help to release heat, deeply hydrate, and soothe. Our hero ingredient's sustainable harvesting is conducted by marine biologist Jo lane and is followed by a six-month fermentation process in Apple cider vinegar to extract the Silica that nourishes skin collagen. Seaweed's anti-aging properties are becoming increasingly popular in skin care.

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