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What is it?

Our comfrey ointment - Is a good old fashioned ointment that is made for a slow topical absorption, "Slow Skin Care". Keeping the alive active ingredients where you need it & creating a protective barrier. 

Comfrey is great for thin dry skin, keeping it well hydrated and stimulating skin cell growth. Perfect for small areas that are dry, scarred, bruised & battered.

Our regenerative farmed Certified organic comfrey, to regenerate your skin, with alive ingredients that are truly active with minerals & antioxidants like local beeswax & certified organic olive oil.

How to tips

  • It is so important using comfrey to make sure your wounds are clean.
  • Apply after a shower 

Why Use an ointment?

  • Ointments are a very old remedy made from medicinal herbs dating way back to Antient Egypt.
  • They are super thick though absorbent
  • They do take a while to soak in because they need to stay topical on the area you need to treat
  • Read this article if you like on Ointments

Active All natural Ingredients, AKA the Hero's of our Clean skin care

  • I infusion our Regenerative grown Certified organic Herbs of Comfrey root

  • Blended with Certified Organic Olive oil &

  • Local low heated Beeswax

All in our reused packaging
- Circular packaging - Circular skin care

 Australian made True eco sustainable skin care Est 2008
No green washing

Local low heated Beeswax
Certified organic Olive oil
Our regenerative Comfrey root

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