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CLEANSER — Makeup remover

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What is CLEANSER - Makeup Remover?

Our creamy, over-the-sink makeup remover is ideal for anti-aging skin care routines. Unlike chemical cleaners, it does not strip away your skin's natural oils. As part of our Regenerative farmed Certified Organic herbs range, the hero ingredients work to cleanse skin while regenerating it with minerals, antioxidants, and other nourishing elements. The Certified Organic oils also serve to hydrate your skin while cleansing, and using our Scrub cleanser in the shower can help to remove dead skin cells.

Routine in the nighttime

  • Using a makeup pad remover over the sink
  • Apply the cleanser and wipe all over your face
  • Cleaning make- up & Sunscreen off & wash off in the shower
  • Use our scrub in the shower to remove your dead skin cells

 Why Use a Cleanser cream?

  • It is super important to take off your makeup at night
  • Night is when your skin regenerates itself, so help it out by unclogging the pores
  • And hey, who likes makeup on the pillow- right

Key Players in our Eco Sustainable Skincare solutions that work

Made with renewable solar energy, Regeneratively-grown Herbs from our Certified-organic Permaculture farm, and rainwater collected in a stainless-steel food-grade tank, we craft our skin care recipes from the ground up. Our ingredients are never compromised.

Our ionization process adjusts the pH level to slightly acidic, which is optimal for supporting skin health. 

From the mountains of the Far South coast, NSW.

See our full list of ingredients below.

Aqua (Water), We use ionised rain water set at the Perfect PH for your skin, which is slightly Acid. Glycerin - Certified Organic Glycerine, derived from Flaxseeds, Palm Free. - ACO 10282P.
Certified organic herbs certification 19060 of Calendula - officinalisChamomile - Matricaria recutita, Elder flowers - Sambuccus nigra, Dandelion - Taraxacum officinalis.Certified organic Lemon myrtle hydrosol - Backhousia citriodoraCertified organic Orange hydrosol - Citrus sinensisLocal low heated Honey - cera alba & Beeswax Certified organic Red mandarin essential oil - Citrus Reticulata Rosso. lemon myrtle Essential oil Backhousia Citriodora Emulsifying wax -  is derived from plant-based alcohols and sugars, Cetyl and stearyl alcohol both come from the natural fatty acids found in coconut oil. Certified organic Sweet almond oil - Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Preservatives - Styrax Benzoin Gum - dried out gum from the Styrax Benzoin tree. Parfum - Australian certified organic approved trade marked ingredient made from a vegetable based preservative with a Vanilla and Almond aroma used to preserve cosmetic formulations, providing good product stability and resistance to microbial contamination. Being a natural preservative it also accommodates to consumer demands for naturally derived cosmetic ingredients and preservative free products.

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