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Hi, Kay here from Eco Seed to Skin, by Saarinen Organics. And today I’m going to show you a DIY recipe that you can do with ingredients in your home. It’s quite a simple recipe. Now, this is all about the itchiness and the swelling from a mozzie bite. So I did a DIY video just before this one that you can do for that initial sting, because the initial sting that the mozzies are giving you has got fatty acid in it. And so you’ve got to neutralize that really, really quickly. So then after you neutralize that sting, then what you might have is a lingering itch and a lingering swelling.

And that’s because the mozzie has basically left behind a protein spike and the body thinks it’s a virus. So it’s going to rush the white blood cells there. So those white blood cells, they are transported in a histamine. And of course, what you’re going to get from the chemists is an antihistamine, to stop the swelling. But we don’t want that. We just want to mask the effects of it, because it’s actually quite a good thing that the white blood cells are going to that area to get rid of that protein. So all we need is to make something really quite simple that you can do at home that’s going to help with the swelling, and it’s also going to help with that itch, just to neutralize that itch.


1x cup of oats – organic raw – finely crushed
150ml of Alovera Gel
chamomile tea

A NutriBullet is so good to fine cut of the oats, or else you’ll be there forever and a day in a mortar and pestle.

So what we are making here is a poultice that we’re going be putting on a Chux cloth. So quite simply, hopefully you can get yourself your hands on a really good organic oats and then have got some aloe vera.

Unfortunately, our aloe vera got burnt in the fires, so I’m using a bought in certified organic aloe vera.

150 mils into the oats. Making it into a nice paste.

And then we’ve got some cold tea here of chamomile. I’ve got about six tea bags in here to a cup, and now I’m just going to use some of the actual tea, using as much as i need to make a paste.

We don’t want a sloppy poultice. We just want it to be a nice paste.

And then all you have to do to apply it, grab yourself some Chux. This is a dry Chux, it’s not a wet Chux. You pop some on. This is great for midge bites as well. So what we want to do is spread that through, and then you’re going to be wrapping it on the area.
It’s really nice and cooling. Then you can get a little safety pin and safety pin it on, if you like, or you can get a little bit of the tape as well.
You can also pre-make all of this. This is what Greg does actually, he pre-makes all these and he puts a film, like Glad Wrap around them and Lay them in the freezer. Or you can either put the poultice from the mortar and pestle, put it in a container, just put it in the fridge, and put them on the Chux every day. Or you can premake maybe half a dozen and just put them in the freezer and grab one every day, or just keep them stored in the freezer until you get bitten by a mozzie.

So there you go. There’s a really simple DIY poultice that you can do at home to help with this itchiness and the swelling. Talk to you soon.


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