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COVID 19, Corona virus hand care solutions


Due to demand we have put our thinking caps on.
– We have recognised a big problem.

We are all doing the right thing and washing and sanitizing our hands to get rid of corona virus.
Unfortunately there it is creating a major problem.
Which is severe irritations and dry cracked skin to bleeding skin

– We have created a solution
We wanted to create a cream that soaked in really well and didn’t leave a oily residue on the skin, so you could go about your day quickly.

We have been joint venturing with Jo Lane and understand how amazing seaweed is to heal and nourish the skin.

So we have decided to create a Seaweed and apple cider vinegar Tincture also it with nourishing oils and antibacterial essential oils and herbs

Click on the link below as we catch up on all that has been happening.
Remember your sanitizer must be 70% or more alcohol to be effective and moisturise 20 minutes after you sanatise.

Catch up


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