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Hello to all my beautiful peeps
The time has come to say goodbye!…………. but not!!!!

This is goodbye to our old faithful website that is!

We have had this site for 12 years, a good old hand made website that just can’t hack new tech, constantly giving it CPR, so we have taken the plunge and are pulling the plug & building a new website on shopify. YAY

What does this mean for you?

1- The URL Eco seed to skin will be the same so the change over will be smooth.
2 – the pay system will change from paypal to Stripe, much cheaper fees for u & I
3 – Unfortunately you will have to re log in to the new look website with your
– delivery details
– phone
– email
– and reset your passwords.
I’m so sorry we just cant take that info with us.

4 – We have also crunched the numbers (with the end of the financial year pending) and have realised the increase on ingredients and packaging has gone up considerably.

So while our old website is still living  you can grab yourself your favourites at original market prices, some will have to sneak up, though we will still offer bundled products & specials.

oh and pop the below code in for $10 off your 30ml sunscreen day cream xx


chat soon kay xx

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The best thing to do with pimples is clean, clean, clean and only ever moisturise when needed i.e. only where it feels dry!

After 10 years of talking with customers and perfecting our recipes and regime, I can confidently say that this below regime is very successful in controlling pimples.

Tone before the shower to remove excess dirt and oil, as when you hop into the shower your pores open and draw in all that dirt and oil compounding the problem.
When in the shower, use our Scrub Cleanser over your whole face. The jojoba beads are strong enough to clean out the pores, though soft enough to melt and moisturise.
Tone when you hop out of the shower to disinfect and close your pores.
Wait 20 minutes for all your own oils to resurface and only moisturise with our light Day Face Cream on the areas that are dry. This will get you in touch with your skin, you will know when to apply more, so you don’t waste money on moisturising no matter what.

Organic Acne Treatment
Reasons to Invest in Organic Acne Treatment Today
You need to take extra care with what you put on your face when it comes to acne-prone skin. This skin type is notorious for being stubborn and sensitive in its response to skin treatment, and acne products may be hit or miss. Considering organic acne treatment as part of your skincare routine may benefit you in more ways than expected.

Problems Organic Acne Products Addresses
Acne-prone skin presents more issues than simply pesky pimples. Here are some issues that our organic products for acne-prone skin may help with:

Acne-prone skin is already inflamed, so you need to be extra cautious with what you use on it. Skin products made organically are non-allergenic since they do not contain any of the abrasive chemicals which may cause adverse reactions to your skin. Some of these reactions may include irritation, inflammation or a possible allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. Organic products contain as few ingredients as possible, which are easy to keep track of in case your skin is sensitive to a specific ingredient.
The non-organic acne-prone products available on the market may be fast-acting and work on specific skin concerns, however, it may be detrimental to your skin over time. Since these products may have harsh ingredients, as mentioned earlier, they may cause your skin to be sensitive in the future or weaken the top epidermis of your skin. Organic products for pimples use soothing ingredients sourced naturally for effective yet gentle results.
Certain non-organic products may have a long list of ingredients with only a handful of active ingredients (which works against your skin woes). Organic products consist mainly of active ingredients, all of them effectively treating your skin ailments, in this case, your acne issues. Organically-grown plants used in the products may have a higher amount of antioxidant vitamins and be free from contamination as these plants are grown without pesticides or herbicides.
When you use organic products, you are taking care of both your skin and the environment simultaneously. These products use ingredients organically grown through sustainable practices, and less toxic products are involved in the entire process.

It’s clear through these points discussed that organic products are beneficial to both the environment and anybody using them.

Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing Organic Skin Care For Acne
As beneficial as these life-changing organic products are, there are certain aspects to keep in mind before investing in just any organic company. Remember these vital factors before choosing a brand to support:

When selecting a product for acne-prone skin, the aesthetics of the brand should be your least concern. It in no way says anything about what is inside.
Try to steer clear of fragranced products and avoid being put off by a product simply because it doesn’t smell a certain way you like since this has no impact on its effectiveness.
Transparency within an organics company is necessary so that you know what you’re buying into. Knowing exactly what ingredients go into your organic skin care for acne-prone skin gives you confidence that it’s effective and will work well with your skin. If the ingredients consist of fancy scientific words that you don’t know, it’s best to give it a skip. With organic acne skincare, less is more.
Expecting a certain skincare regime to work almost immediately is a common error in judgment that people make and give up their products soon after trying them out. This is true for organic acne products too. Natural skin care for teenage skin needs adequate time to work and stopping them too soon means you don’t allow the product to show its true effective potential. Give a product six to eight weeks to adjust to your skin before throwing in the towel.

If you keep these points in mind, you’re able to find the right organic skincare brand for your acne-prone skin with ease.

About Saarinen Organics
Saarinen Organics offers quality organic skincare products for all types of skin concerns, including ageing, sensitivity and acne skin concerns. We make the base products of our ingredients on our family farm in Wyndham NSW.
Contact us to learn more about our organic skin care that’s suited to different types of skin.

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DIY – Eczema Treatment

Hi, Kay here from Eco Seed to Skin by Saarinen Organics. Just recently, I’ve been talking about eczema. We found out why eczema itches. We’ve also found out that the cure for eczema is in the cause. The epidermis, the top of the skin, once that gets really dry and flaky, that’s like the protector for our dermis. If that’s compromised, then bacteria can get down into the dermis and get ourselves in all sorts of trouble. Right. That’s what we want to do. We want to keep the skin from breaking and bleeding.

There are three main things that I want to show you here today, that you can do at home with really simple, simple ingredients. Number one is a medicated bath. Number two is an oil blend. Number three is a poultice. The hero of all of this is actually good, old-fashioned, certified-organic raw oats, colloidal oats.

Now, colloidal oats is a very, very old word. Basically, what it means is good, old-fashion oats that have been ground to a powder. Compounds in it, mainly fat. So, fat protein, it’s an antioxidant, it’s an anti-inflammatory, it’s an antibacterial. Loads of vitamins and nutrients in oats.

It’s like an emollient. It’s found in a lot of traditional skin-care cosmetics, actually. Shampoos, even. What’s really great too, in America, the FDA in 2003 proclaimed that oats was a skin protectant, which is amazing, to see an old remedy actually recognized by such a big organization.

I’m going to make up a pretty big batch, because my daughter Gemma has just had an outbreak of eczema. Hence, why I’m talking about eczema this week. I thought, “Well, I’ve got to make all this stuff up for her. So I might as well do a video on it all as well.” help everybody out there who’s struggling, especially little kiddies. It’s awful to see. Gemma’s not quite a little kid anymore. She’s 13.

This is in my NutriBullet. I’ve made that really nice and fine. You don’t really want to buy it ground. You want to keep the oats raw. It can actually turn quite quickly like this.

Kay Saarinen:
Best way to check, to make sure that it’s going to be water-soluble… because at this stage when it’s whole, it’s not water-soluble… so you just take a cup of water and a tablespoon. It turns out a nice, milky color. That’s when you know that’s good oatmilk there. Beautiful.

Kay Saarinen:
First off, this is for a bath. For an adult or a teenager, you use a cup of the ground oats into a bath. Now, you only want the water to be only lukewarm. You don’t want it to be hot, as it’s going to aggravate an eczema or dermatitis, make sure it goes that lovely, milky colour. A little bit of stir around, and get them to soak in it for a good 10 to 15 minutes.

Kay Saarinen:
Now, caution on this. Because of the fats and the proteins in the oats, is that it’s going to be very, very slippery in the bath. So, do try and help your teenager out, or if there’s someone a bit elderly in there. Do make you clean the bath out quite well after it, because those fats will stick to the bath.

Kay Saarinen:
Once you get out of the bath, there’s two steps you can do. The first step is to quickly disinfect the really big breakout areas of your eczema. The second thing is to oil really quickly. Now, we want to do this within about three minutes of getting out of the bath to lock in that moisture into the skin.

Kay Saarinen:
I do have some witch hazel. The witch hazel is a really light way to disinfect, an antibacterial for those areas that are really quite broken. You just pour a little bit on, and just in those areas, just dab. Now, this is a step you can do, if you want. For a child, it’s going to sting a little bit, but for an adult, suck it up, buttercup, and go with the sting. Because you really want to stop that infection, any infections that are building.

Kay Saarinen:
This is the beauty about doing it DIY. You can incorporate things as you need them. I’ve got four beautiful oils here. They are all antibacterial. They are all anti-inflammatory. The big thing is the coconut oil.

Kay Saarinen:
Now, the coconut oil, it’s going to give a little bit of a barrier, and this barrier is going to help stop the bacteria from getting in, into the skin. It’s great for things like staph infections and bacteria, stopping them from getting in. Anti-inflammatory as well.

Kay Saarinen:
Good old certified-organic calendula oil is an absolute must. Really, really old remedy. Fantastic for keeping infections at bay as well. Sunflower oil and also evening primrose oil. Antibacterial, again. Anti-inflammatory again, full of antioxidants and healing benefits.

Kay Saarinen:
With these oils… I’ve got them in here, so when you add your coconut, blitz it, it’s not going to actually all break down. There’s going to be little blobs. A nice little blob there. It will actually melt. Oh, it smells so good. Don’t worry too much about it being lumpy.

Kay Saarinen:
Pouring it in there. I’m just going to blitz that. That’s it, blitzed. Look at that milky goodness. Look at that. See, it’s a little bit lumpy, but that’s okay because it’s going to melt straight away onto the skin. Look at that milky goodness.

Kay Saarinen:
The poultice recipe is two cups of your ground, certified-organic raw oats, to 100-ml of these four oils, putting it either back into your bullet, or putting it into your mortar and pestle. I actually did this one earlier, just so it soaks in there a bit, because that’s the consistency that I want. I want it to be nice and sticky, without it being runny. You can test and measure how you like it.

Kay Saarinen:
I’ll show you how to put a poultice on in a minute, but going back to the steps. Number one, having your medicated bath with the raw, fine, finely-ground oats. When you hop out, your choice, if you want to put the witch hazel on or not, and then put this oil on.

Kay Saarinen:
Now, you are not putting this oil all over your body. You’re just putting it on the areas where your eczema is. Try not to really rub it in. We just want to gently pop it on there, and they’ll absorb in and soak in. Trying to do this, say, before dinner, so it’s got a long time for it to absorb in. So it’s not going to get rubbed off.

Kay Saarinen:
Then at night-time, you can put your poultice on. I’ll show you how. We don’t want that to be runny. We want that to be quite sticky. This is the poultice, and then you quite simply get a Chux. You want it to be a dry Chux.

Kay Saarinen:
Then you just grab a little bit, not a whole lot. Good thing about this is that you can do up quite a lot of these, wrap them in plastic, not Glad plastic, but you know. I’ve actually found the biodegradable, which is really good.

Kay Saarinen:
Then with that, you get the affected area. This is so cooling. If you do quite a lot of these and stack them up in the fridge… sorry, in the freezer, then when you get them out, they are so nice and cooling. That’s all you simply do, is just wrap it around the area. With a good old-fashioned Chux, you can put a safety pin on that, and keep it nice and secure.

Kay Saarinen:
A few other little tips too. We’ve got our medicated bath. Getting out… if it’s infected or it looks like it’s going to get infected… a little bit of witch hazel, and then within three minutes, get your oil mix on there. Then just before bed, pop on a poultice.

Kay Saarinen:
You can, if you can sleep with this on wherever it is, you might have to get a little bit creative to see and test, to measure, to see how you can get this to stay on. If it’s in bigger areas, try not to use anything that’s going to trap in the heat. Get a nice airflow through. My daughter likes to sleep with the fan on. Make sure you’ve got cotton, cotton sheets, cotton doona, cotton pyjamas.

Kay Saarinen:
I’ve done quite a few different DIY videos now. I don’t usually sell the ingredients that I’m doing, because you can buy this sort of stuff quite readily at your local wholefood shop. But a lot of people have asked me to… they wanted to actually buy the product, the DIY, or to buy ingredients.

Kay Saarinen:
So I thought I would put this little kit together. It’s nothing fancy. It’s simply all the certified-organic ingredients that I’ve talked about today, in 100 ml bottles. You get 100 ml witch hazel, 100 ml certified-organic evening primrose oil, 100 ml certified organic sunflower oil, 100 ml of calendula, certified-organic calendula oil.

Kay Saarinen:
Certified-organic oats, there’s four cups in here, and also 100 grams of the certified-organic coconut oil. Also, a printout of all the how-tos, how to do it all. Also, these QR codes, they’re not activated yet, but I will do that. All these QR codes will take you to the website with this DIY recipe video, as well as it all written out as well. All of them will have the QR codes that will take you to there as well.

Kay Saarinen:
I’m offering this on my website, just through popular demand of people wanting to actually buy kits from me. But you can buy all locally. For this kit, I’ll pop a link to the website with this kit. On our Facebook, will be in our descriptions. On Instagram, it’ll be in our bio. Thank you so much for watching. Any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Bye.

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Go Fund me – Bush fire eco affected business NSW

After a exhausting start to the year (see our below post) has left us about 5 years behind of where we were.

We are so proud to have created our eco permaculture farm, built by us over 18 years, with no loans at all apart from the initial purchase of our land.

Even though our home is insured our farm is not, this was a financial decision and unfortunately all that burnt was not insured ie fences, tanks, poly pipe, orchard trees, crops and orchard netting.

We have started up a go fund me page to help us get back on our feet and our orchards and fencing and irrigation all back to where it was.

When and during we would also love to have any visits from anyone to be part of or just have a look at our farm as a thank you for your help.

Please click on the link below to see our full story which will also take you to our Go Fund me page for our Bushfire affected eco business.


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Wow what a start to the year.

For all our social media followers you will know that we have been impacted by the NSW fires, for those who don’t this is our story.

We invested the most we have ever done, with an amazing 2019, even with the drought and 3 failed crops.With 12 years in business, well supported with articles in ABC earthgarden mag, tv interviews, innovation hub award we were set to rocket in 2020 with every day in January devoted to a pop up shop or market’s from mallacoota to bermi with the hope of finally getting ahead…..and than the fires hit, all market’s cancelled, our income lost.

December 2019

The first one b4 new years we were to late to leave, we had to bunker down, it was 3km away,
our farm survived.


In the next week we were hunting for fuel and food as panic set in with 10s of thousands of tourist up and         down the coast, all roads out were blocked.
When it was safe all tourist were evacuated, all roads available out were at a snail pace for days.

A meeting we had in our small rural town, full to the brim the news was grim.
“There will be no help, there will be no planes, it will be just us, the danger is high, stay and you will die”

Our animals we had to leave, as prepared to stay we were, we had to flee. Then the sky turned orange than day to night, the fire spread quickly through the night, a 60km monster devoured our state from the Vic border to nethercote in one night.

Our property survived, back we went again to prepare, all week again we racked and mowed we taped our windows and moved our stock, exhausted for 2 weeks we have fought.

To the ground I fell with tears as I read, once more you must flee, the monster is awake once more.

Of the millions donated we still had no help, again we were told no one will come! Our town is without fuel, on the craziest night of all, the fire trucks here had to siphon fuel from a willing local.

We are in our safe house kindly donated in pambula, as I sit I not only worry of my farm and my friends, my hubby is up there to voluntary fire fight to save the town.

All I ask is one simple thing, to support rural business in any way you can, the money DONATED is really good, where it is going I cannot say, its certainty not in our small town.
Our bega mayor is a amazing lady she listens to us and is trying to help.
I haven’t had time to listen to the news, the ABC local fire station, fire apps and facebook updates are all I have done.

As we wait this monster out, 2morrow is another D day, Catastrophic it is labeled, a state emergency it is, will our farm be there, I worry if not will the insurance pay, all I know not.

That night we spent it down the beach, our fire clothes on and dogs on a leash, exhaustion is now greater than fear, its all to normal to be fleeing again, face masks and fire blankets are always on hand.

our farm survived that catastrophic day.

Back we went, we worked some more, working bees to cut dead drought trees out, smoke so thick every day, older livestock died out there, no fresh air to hard to breath.

No school holidays fun, 3 days at home than evacuation notice again, and again, UNTIL……

1st of FEBRUARY 2020

Saturday night we knew would come, our fire chief warned us well.
We packed and moved and raked and cleared and watered and prepared all month, 7 evacuations, 2 near misses and than the one that got us.

Our product, ingredients and house hold treasures, our 50 some animals, all in 5 days, to safety so far away, we were helped by friends so dear to my heart.

It came with force, so dangerous and

fast, poor gregg wasn’t allowed to stay and fight for his own farm.
A volunteer fire fighter he is, all week he has fought along side his fellow volunteers, other peoples places he defended and saved while he knew ours was left to burn. A police road block, no one was left to defend their farm up our mountain it was far to dangerous to stay.

To dangerous to go to our farm until the wee hours of the night he saw from the truck, through thick smoke and flames, the headlights and ash, with tears in his eyes he could not even breath “how the hell is that still there” he said to his mates. there in thick smoke our dear house standing proud, made out of straw and clay with our bear hands.

For the fate of the rest of our farm we did not know as trees were down, than finally we were allowed to go and see.

To our permaculture farm we went in the morning, the drive through our once lush furned forrest was black and charcoal, so hot it burnt nothing was left, i wasn’t prepared for that.

With a very heavy heart i must say first my beloved garden now is burnt beyond repair, our fruit trees and herbs so

Though what a relief as we turned the corner, my lab standing there so tall and so proud, all our buildings cannot believe are still there, a little battle scarred here and there, but there they are, we cant believe our burnt to the ground.

Our neighbours aren’t as lucky as us, all is lost all up the hill, only 2 stand still, all the rest are gone, so hot it burnt not a shrub in sight. So many homes and farms are lost all around us, so much loss and sadness, i neighbour in hospital, so much to heal.

What a month its been, 7 evacuations, 2 near misses and one that got us, exhausted we are, now we must heel, so much work to be done, our lives are upside down, we don’t know where to start, but i do know we will.

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Natural (Anti) Aging Facts

It’s a fight to the bitter end! A fight that, fair to say, all of us will face in our lifetime. The fight against aging skin.

I’ve spent a great deal of time researching herbal skin care that works. I mean actually works. What kept popping up throughout my independent research was that, once we turn 35, our body starts to reduce the oil called SEBUM. And, if you thought age 35 was just the beginning, the early stages, then close your eyes. Because the process of reducing sebum oil can happen so quickly, that these oils have completely dried up by age 40.

So, what are we missing?

Sebum keeps fine lines at bay. A natural skin care if you will. It’s the best kind of face treatment. Research has discovered natural whole plant oils that replicate Sebum oil include Jojoba, Vitamin E, Olive Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil. Of course they need to be sourced from certified organic or chemical-free growers and extracted under strict guidelines to preserve the Sebum oil.

So what else can we do?

Our Night cream, day cream and also eye cream and nourishing serum all have the above oils in them, they are vital for a natural defense against the signs of aging. Naturally we are excreting sebum oils all day, so it is imperative to ensure you replicate the natural process. Also our scrub has Jojoba wax beads that are strong enough to clean the pores out though than they melt and moisturize for it is also important to clean the skin and remove excess oils and dirt.

A natural skin care regime will leave you skin feeling and looking more youthful, slowing down the signs of ageing and premature aging, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.

If you’re going to fight the natural effects of aging, best to fight the nature with nature and replenish what you’ve lost, the natural way.