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Chest Rub

We are now in the depths of winter.

Our Saarinen Organics Chest Rub is a warming and comforting blend of essential oils to help you relax and breath deeply. My daughter says “it’s like a warm hug” with an uplifting aroma of our Australian bush.

I blend our Chest Rub with local low heated beeswax, certified organic olive oil and certified organic essential oils of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, T-tree (Cajput), Rosalina, Peppermint, and Lavender.

Furthermore, you can put these essential oils into a burner to help with the winter blues.
The following are extracts from research on essential oils.

Happy reading from Kay Saarinen.
Saarinen Organics
All-natural skincare
Herbs grown on our permaculture farm and made into our all-natural skincare, from seed to skin.

“Eucalyptus works as an expectorant and helps cleanse your body of toxins and harmful microorganisms that can make you feel sick.” From Dr Axe.

“Rosemary essential oil is known to relieve respiratory disorders such as whooping cough, asthma, sinus infections, and bronchitis.” From Doctors Health Press.

“Tea tree oil has been found to exhibit protective activity against bacteria, fungi, and yeast, according to a 2000 study from a German research team (3). These microbes can cause inflammation, which depletes the immune system and leads to symptoms including coughs and congestion. Fortunately, tea tree oil contains antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antiviral properties. It’s a great essential oil for sore throats, coughs, and bronchial congestion.” From Doctors health Press.

“Peppermint is an essential oil best known for its antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, and expectorant properties. Peppermint is a common treatment for sinus infections, respiratory infections, coughs, colds, and sore throats. A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2010 (2) suggests that the antispasmodic activity in peppermint oil helps relieve coughing. The menthol in peppermint oil is thought to calm and soothe sore throats, while also relieving coughs by thinning mucus.” From Doctors Health Press.

“Lavender is one of the most common essential oils available. It’s especially useful for respiratory disorders and symptoms such as colds, influenza, coughs, and sinus congestion; it can ease breathing problems when phlegm is trapped within the sinuses and lungs. Apply a few drops of lavender oil on the back, neck, or chest for relief.” From Doctors Health Press.

“Rosalina essential oil is an excellent oil for upper respiratory tract congestion and infection, particularly useful with small children. It is a gentle expectorant with anti-infectious properties because of its 1,8 cineole chemical content. This essential oil is extremely gentle on the mucous membranes as well as the skin.” From Still Point Aromatics.

Stacey Asplin reviewed Saarinen Organics— 5 star
May 12
I’ve been using Saarinen Organics for the past 8 years, all their products are amazing. I love thats it’s all natural local and Kay makes each product herself, I know what’s in it and it’s safe for my kids with no chemicals. Her calendula cream is awesome with her chest rub having an amazing smell and her face creams are so glorious to put on, once you’ve used her products you’ll never use anything else again.

Cheryl Tennant reviewed Saarinen Organics— 4 star
August 26, 2016
I recently bought a pot of chest rub and love it, more effective than vicks and without the chemicals that I was intolerant to. I already have others lined up to by this product as well.

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Heat Rub

So we are not all about skincare, we also have a wide range of products to help those in need. We love love our heat rub and have been making it for 10 years now.

Both Gregg and I were the guinea pigs, as we just couldn’t find anything on the market that would help our needs. We both work hard and needed something to help relax, I think that’s why we were able to nail it. I like hearing all sorts of feedback so we can improve, Gregg is so honest with his feedback—as hubbies are lol—along with our customers.

We have been honoured to have many naturopaths and massage therapists use it in their treatments with some amazing feedback.

So about our heat rub . . . I make it with three tinctures of fresh and dried herbs, and apple cider vinegar. This is a very old traditional method using a natural base acid to draw the goodness from the herbs without damaging cells. I was taught this method from my mentor who had it handed down nine generations. Most tinctures now are made from alcohol or universal solvents which I just found too harsh for my skin.

Using this method some tinctures can take from 3–6 months to make. Our heat rub has comfrey root, chilli and hypericum tinctures mixed with arnica infused oil and essential oils to help warm areas that need some TLC. Our comfrey root is grown here on our permaculture farm so we use it fresh in the tincture.

“Comfrey roots and leaves can provide natural healing properties for all different types of ailments because of its high allantoin content which makes cells grow faster. Comfrey contains a special substance called allantoin. This is one of the reasons why comfrey-treated bones knit so fast, wounds mend so quickly and burns heal with such little scarring. Comfrey is often called knitbone or healing herb”—Mother Earth News.

We make our hypericum tincture (St. John’s Wort) using fresh and dried flowers, as this is a noxious weed we cannot grow this on our farm though we often purchase this herb from wildcrafters locally.

Extract from Organic Facts, “Anti-Inflammatory Agent: The soothing nature of St. John’s Wort and the rich concentration of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds make it perfect for easing the aching pains of arthritis, in addition to gout, joint discomfort, and muscle aches. Just as it helps ease inflammation on the skin and in the gut, St. John’s Wort also lowers inflammation in the cardiovascular system, thereby helping to lower blood pressure and decrease stress on the heart.
Skin Treatment: If you use St. John’s Wort in topical application in the form of a salve or tincture, it can speed the healing process of burns, bruises, and scrape by stimulating circulation of oxygenated blood to those skin cells so that repairs can begin.”

We make our chilli tincture using fresh chillies from local growers and what we can grow ourselves. Chilli is fantastic to warm areas up without damaging the skin.

We buy in certified organic arnica infused oil and essential oils too—winter green, peppermint, and black pepper. All of which help warm small and large areas and help you relax.

Saarinen Organics
All-natural skincare
Helping you glow naturally

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Calendula Ointment

We grow our calendula flowers on our permaculture farm all year round, giving us access to fresh flowers for making our calendula oil infusion from scratch to create our amazing Calendula Ointment. We collect the seeds and sow them every season.

My daughter loves to help me pick the gorgeous bright orange calendula flowers, as we chat about life. We pick the calendula flowers after the morning dew has lifted when the flowers are open and before the native bees are out. It is so important to pick after a few dry days so the pollen is still fresh and abundant to get that really rich orange colour.

Once picked we spread the flowers out on a drying rack and pick out any weeds and bugs. I then take the fresh calendula flowers into my sterilised lab and begin the process of infusion. We use Victorian bio-dynamic olive oil to infuse our calendula flowers. It takes a very long time to infuse (there is a secret step I shan’t reveal that has taken many years to perfect).

I then blend the finished calendula infused oil with our magnificent local low heated beeswax to make our very popular Calendula Ointment. Our local beeswax is second to none, non-refined and low heated so it still has honey in it. Of all the samples that I have tested over the 10 years I have been making Calendula Ointment no other beeswax has come close.

Calendula is well known as natures antiseptic. I love using it as a lip balm, finger tip balm, dry knees, elbows and heels. My daughter suffered from a very dry eczema and it helped in relation to the very dry skin, helping to keep it moisturised all day and the beeswax gives a great barrier from the elements.

Click on the link below for a direct link to our Calendula Ointment.…/lip-c…/calendula-ointment/

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and to all our loyal customers for your support over the 10 years that I have been making our Calendula Ointment.
xx Kay Saarinen

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Why Use A Toner? How and When?


There has been some controversial conversations in regards to the use of toners of late. The humble toner has had a bad wrap, due to its most advertised use, being that of restoring the PH balance once soap had been used to clean the face (and please, please I hope no one reading this is still using soap on their beautiful delicate facial skin!!!). Additionally, some of the concern is also due to the over chemically manufactured toners on the market which dry out the skin far, far too much, leading to the decline of toners in your daily skincare regime.

The humble, well formulated, all natural toner has many great uses and applications than once advertised. I think, and thankfully many beauticians agree, that the humble toner has a MAJOR place in beauty and is making a come back (I’d just like to say at this point that I have been making our toner for 8 years, to clarify that I am not just jumping on the band wagon!!!). It’s essential for achieving a healthy, radiant glow. You’ll find that applying a toner can be the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

After cleansing, your skin needs a range of ingredients to restore and soothe its surface. Skin can never get too much of these important ingredients, which include antioxidants and antibacterial ingredients as well as soothers. The benefits can give your skin a healthy, younger, fresher appearance and can be felt and seen almost instantly.


  • Oily skin.
  • Large pores.
  • Hormonal breakout prone skin.
  • Pimples and acne.
  • Scrub cleansed skin.


Tone your face before and after a shower with our all-natural Toner!


For oily skin and large pores that attract dirt. So if you don’t tone first, when you hop into the shower your pores will open up quickly and absorb even more dirt and grime from the day, creating more of a problem.


Soak a facial flat cotton wool with Toner and wipe your face gently—don’t go at it like your buffing your silver wear—avoiding under your eyes, following your cheek bone. With a fresh cotton wool, again soak it with our all-natural Toner and press on very effected areas where pimples and acne are present, this second application is the first antibacterial phase for pimples, leave it there for a little bit to utilize the amazing essential oil of Lavender Angustifolia, the only lavender you can apply to your face. Also, this is a perfect time for the antioxidants to do their thing which is found in many of the ingredients, particularly in the certified organic Witch Hazel and certified organic Rosewater, which are the prominent active ingredients in our all-natural Toner.

Once in the shower your pores open up, this is the best time to gently scrub with our Scrub Cleanser, packed with jojoba wax beads they are strong enough to clean the pores out then they melt leaving your skin clean and moisturised—though not that horrible-tight-absolutely stripped of all oils feeling when you use a chemical scrub, remember! We are cleaning, it’s not an oil and grease change! And of course the honey will soothe the tender freshly scrubbed skin.

Once out of the shower do your tone again, as this is the second antibacterial treatment for exposed acne and pimples and helps to close large pores.


For acne, pimple and oily skin types, please wait another 15 to 20 minutes to allow the skins oils to re-balance and only moisturise the areas that are dry, avoid effected areas and ONLY moisturise if really needed. Use it sparingly and use our Day Cream with soothing Aloe Vera. Do look after under your eyes and of course your neck, our Nourishing Serum is the one I recommend for oily skin for you only need a small amount and the oil has a very long life span. For your neck I recommend our Intensive Night Cream with Aloe Vera. For all other skin types I recommend our Intensive Night Cream.


Certified organic Witch Hazel, certified organic Rosewater, local chemical-free Lavender essential oil, certified organic Glycerin, tincture of Benzoin and a fresh herbal infusion of Elder flower, Borage flower, Lavender, and Calendula flowers.

I make the fresh herbal infusion in our toner using our fresh medicinal herbs grown right here at Saarinen Organics and infusing them in our rain water, caught in the stainless steel food grade tank. For more information visit our blog in regards to our water.

You can try our all-natural Toner by ordering here.

Here’s to healthy, glowing, clean skin naturally xx

P.S. If you love our Toner please leave a review to help grow our small family business, we are growing via word-of-mouth and I would loooove to here from my customers, thank you in advance, I really appreciate it.

xx Kay

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When Pharmacists Look To Herbalists — The Turning Point In All-natural Skincare

Today I received some fantastic feedback from a customer, and it represented a turning point in all-natural skincare.

The feedback was as follows:

My mother, who is 91 with dementia, had swollen legs & cellulitis developed leg ulcers. I visit every day & put on the calendula ointment to the ulcers & legs, it worked fantastically & they are almost gone now. I was a little hesitant at first because she has very sensitive skin. I thought you would be interested. As a pharmacist I had a whole pile of stuff on hand but full marks to your wonderful ointment. Thanks!

With all the products this pharmacist had on hand, developed for specific treatments with complex scientific formulas, our own Calendula Ointment grown on our family eco-farm and manufactured in my on-farm studio worked a treat.

But you can buy Calendula Ointment at any pharmacy, right? 

Yes. And have you noticed what colour it is? White. And do you know what colour the calendula flower is? Beautifully bright yellow! Stunning yellow, in fact, from the marigold family.

So what happens to Calendula Ointment to turn it white? The only way to achieve a crisp white cream is by using clear oils, essential oils, and adding a lot of water to the emulsifying wax to create the white colour. This means that the products aren’t made with herbal infusions, tinctures, or whole oils which are coloured.

Pharmaceutical products tend to offer short term relief, without really getting to the root cause of the ailment. As a result, the problem often comes back ten times worse and is much harder to treat. Now you may think it’s all a conspiracy to keep you buying more, but it’s also about the need for additional synthetic ingredients to reduce the cost of manufacturing and to help stabilise such complex, volatile products for long term shelf life and storage. It also comes down to, as you’ll read below, our expectations as consumers and what we’re conditioned to seeing.

Herbs are potent and powerful plants. They have wonderful healing abilities. Herbs and herb oils are too strong to use directly on your skin and they do need to be used in conjunction with other carrier oils and ingredients. Somehow, those wonderful healing properties of the herb need to make their way into a convenient and absorbent product to use on your skin.

So what’s the most effective method?

Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts using alcohol as the solvent. Tinctures extract both the water-soluble and alcohol-soluble chemical constituents from the plant. Tinctures are fast-acting on the body, and they also have a much longer shelf life than highly volatile oils.

Infusions are herbs steeped in lipids such as natural oils or liquid waxes where the properties of the herb are transferred to the oil.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are extracted using either steam distillation or solvent extraction. Solvent extraction often uses chemicals such as hexane, acetone, di-methylene-chloride, and more in order to extract the essential oils from the plant. It’s popular because it increases production volume and takes far less time than other methods of extraction. But it opens the flood gates for all sorts of skin sensitivities.

And this is when you realise that learning to read and understand the ingredients list on the back of your skincare products is simply not enough! You must get to know your manufacturer and their methods.

Saarinen Organics spent four days at a health expo in Sydney last year showcasing our wonderful products to the world. I’ll never forget the feedback I had from one customer shocked at the colour of one of my creams.

“But it’s brown!”, she exclaimed!

“Yes!” I said proudly. Because it’s an all-natural tincture. My herbal tinctures are all made from fresh herbs and therefore have that brown tinge. My aloe vera face gel is made from fresh aloe vera and has a green tinge. My herbal infusions have either a brown or a green tinge. Because they’re all-natural.

We’ve been so conditioned as consumers to expect that crisp, white cream that we suspect there’s something wrong with our skincare when it’s in its most natural usable form, untainted with toxic chemicals and not loaded up with water and emulsifying waxes. So much so, that it’s altering the effectiveness of skincare products. But when a pharmacist with a plethora of specialist products on hand takes the time to offer their feedback on our all-natural skincare, bright yellow and all, we know we’re about to reach a turning point. As consumers, we want to know that we’re buying products that actually work, not just products that look nice and clean.

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Calendula Ointment — The Most Versatile Skincare Product You Will Ever Need

eco-seed-to-skin-care-Calendula Flower

You’ve probably heard or read this sentence from many a marketer or salesperson in your lifetime. Often it’s a cleaning product. Something along the lines of “If you only buy one cleaning product for your home, it needs to be this one, it’s the only cleaning product you will ever need!”. Well I don’t mean to come across like a TV infomercial, but Calendula Ointment actually is the most versatile skincare product you could use. I’ll tell you why, but first, some background.

Calendula Officinalis is actually a genus of around 15-20 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants in the Asteraceae family.

Calendula has been used traditionally as culinary and medicinal herbs. In fact, the petals are edible. So when I remind you, that if you wouldn’t eat it, then don’t put in on your skin, you know that Calendula safely fits within these parameters!

Pharmacological studies on the benefits of Calendula have shown that the extract has many soothing and antibacterial properties in vitro. In a tincture, topical use of Calendula can treat acne and soothe the skin. There is so much information on Calendula, do Google it for further information.

It’s these properties that make Calendula Ointment a fantastic base for hand cream for tough, hardworking hands, body cream and foot cream to heal dry and cracked feet, for treating dried, cracked lips, an intensive treatment cream for soothing, as well as being powerful and delicate enough for use on babies and children for fast acting, chemical-free organic care, additionally it acts as a soothing barrier ointment to keep babies bottoms protected and moisturised.

Saarinen Organics Calendula Ointment contains certified organic olive oil, Saarinen eco permaculture farm organically grown Calendula flowers, and the best quality, chemical-free, traditionally produced beeswax from a local provider—where the quality and purity of the ingredients is what makes the difference.

It is for all these reasons that you need two jars of such a wonderful, versatile skincare product. One for your handbag (and your nappy bag for those with young ones), and one for your first aid kit.

Click on the link to view our Calendula Ointments available now