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Michelle Wilkie

Michelle Wilkie reviewed Saarinen Organics. — 5 star

I am a total convert to the Saarinen Organics skin care!
After receiving a gift pack for Xmas from my young daughter (bought on the sly at a local market) I gave the cleanser, day face cream and body & hand cream a go. Loved them all so much I bought a toner from The Market Place in Bega.
The proof is in the pudding as they say, & after some great advice from Kay about how to use the products my skin is feeling fantastic. I love that what I am applying to my skin has been grown locally, organically AND totally works.
The insect repellant absolutely stops bites & the hypericum oil stops itches. The oil was shown to me by a friend who had great success with treating her four children’s mosquito bites!
I’ve had troubled skin and as I age it hasn’t settled the way I had hoped it would – until I started using the Saarinen Organic skin care. I feel like my skin is glowing, and I am so pleased I am using products that will not build up toxins in my body as I continue to use Kay’s beautiful products.
My teenage daughter is also enjoying the benefits of these products and as her hormones are naturally producing a lot of oil, these products are gentle but the pimple system is easy and effective  Thank-you Kay

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Salty Otton

Salty reviewed Saarinen Organics. — 5 star

This is probably going to sound dramatic but, Kay changed my life.
I’d had problem skin for about 10 years, mainly acne and blackheads. I had tried absolutely everything.
One weekend I was visiting Mum in Tathra and we went to Candelo markets where I saw Kay’s store. I was skeptical at first- you are when you’ve tried everything under the sun. However Kay spoke to me at length and I bought my first products. This was about 4 years ago. I now use nothing else.
My skin has improved dramatically. I rarely get any break outs.
Kay puts the utmost care into her products, you can feel the love.

Kay, thank you so much for everything. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Sarah (Salty) Otton

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Denise Lommel

Denise Lommel reviewed Saarinen Organics. — 5 star

I am in LOVE with Saarinen Organics. The peppermint/vanilla lip balm is to die for. Nothing compares. I’ve also used the gardening hand cream and it’s lush, rich, beautifully scented and melts into your hands. I can’t recommend Kay’s products enough – she is passionate about her products and they are all organic, natural, she home grows and hand picks as much as she can to use in her creams and oils etc. I can’t recommend them enough.

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Kim Reddy

Kim Reddy reviewed Saarinen Organics. — 5 star

Saarinen organics skin care range are the best! My hubby and I have been using and singing the praises of these wonderful products for years. We like the healing qualities of the Calendula Oinment -used on any part of the body-, Hypericum Cream and the Gardeners hand cream. We love the fact that the ingredients in all of these products are not only organically grown and/or sourced locally, but are chemical free and purely natural. The Revitalising Clay & Mineral Mask with Revitalising Oil are my favorites leaving my skin feeling fabulous, I also like the Facial Scrub cleanser and heat rub for sore muscles. All of which leave you feeling that you are doing your body good. Hat’s off to Kay and Gregg for being so passionate in producing such a wonderful range of organic products.

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 Ema Zivkaa

 Ema Zivkaa reviewed Saarinen Organics. — 5 star

Best product on the market x �� thankyou for supplying us girls at the salon” Glemma hair and beauty ” with the most lovely natural skincare ..

so much love is packed into every little jar that they send our way and we couldn’t be happier with this product .

the entire range is just amazing and I can happily recommend everything that we stock from the Saarinen range with confidence , I just know it will do what the customer wants it to do . So much love �

Thankyou for everything once again xxx
I also love getting greeted on the phone by little miss Gemma �

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Bunty Trezise

reviewed Saarinen Organics. — 5 star

When it comes to my personal skin care, product ingredients need to be ethically and sustainably sourced. Contents need to be largely organic as opposed to synthetic. Packaging must be responsible, recyclable and environmentally friendly. The product has to be pleasant to use and be one that works without professing miracles. Finally the overall concept has to be formulated from and continued to be based on passion. I believe that “Saarinen Organics” through a lot of hard work, determination and effort has achieved this and hence, that is why their products continue to find a place on my shelf.