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Calendula Ointment

We grow our calendula flowers on our permaculture farm all year round, giving us access to fresh flowers for making our calendula oil infusion from scratch to create our amazing Calendula Ointment. We collect the seeds and sow them every season.

My daughter loves to help me pick the gorgeous bright orange calendula flowers, as we chat about life. We pick the calendula flowers after the morning dew has lifted when the flowers are open and before the native bees are out. It is so important to pick after a few dry days so the pollen is still fresh and abundant to get that really rich orange colour.

Once picked we spread the flowers out on a drying rack and pick out any weeds and bugs. I then take the fresh calendula flowers into my sterilised lab and begin the process of infusion. We use Victorian bio-dynamic olive oil to infuse our calendula flowers. It takes a very long time to infuse (there is a secret step I shan’t reveal that has taken many years to perfect).

I then blend the finished calendula infused oil with our magnificent local low heated beeswax to make our very popular Calendula Ointment. Our local beeswax is second to none, non-refined and low heated so it still has honey in it. Of all the samples that I have tested over the 10 years I have been making Calendula Ointment no other beeswax has come close.

Calendula is well known as natures antiseptic. I love using it as a lip balm, finger tip balm, dry knees, elbows and heels. My daughter suffered from a very dry eczema and it helped in relation to the very dry skin, helping to keep it moisturised all day and the beeswax gives a great barrier from the elements.

Click on the link below for a direct link to our Calendula Ointment.…/lip-c…/calendula-ointment/

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and to all our loyal customers for your support over the 10 years that I have been making our Calendula Ointment.
xx Kay Saarinen

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