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Here is the story of our Journey to the creation of Saarinen Organics, wow, its been a long one, so pop the kettle on and lets have a yarn.

We, Gregg and Kay Saarinen, my hubby and I, landed here 15 years ago on our beautiful 6 acres of land in Wyndham, NSW bordering a national park and a creek with a caravan and a bucket load of energy.
There was nothing here Except dead wattles, blackberries and a burnt out shed.

We had a dream though, we quit our mainstream jobs, me as a chef and Gregg as a Carpenter, together we had a joint dream to create a Permaculture and self sufficient lifestyle. Not only did we want to build our home from straw bale with ethical choices, completely 100% off grid with solar power, solar hot water and a solar bore pump, we also wanted to be self sufficient with food and our income as well.
At first, after having our whole property certified organic, we grew and sold organic veggies. We planted fruit, nut and berry trees, milked goats annnnnnd grew our meat sheep. WOW big job, though it wasn’t a sustainable income (we certainly dont pay enough for organic veggies) but we pushed on in search for a sustainable income.

I was studying herb culture in addition to my Horticulture and Permaculture courses and we were working towards selling medicinal and culinary herbs. As part of my studies there was an assignment where i had to value add, as my main crop at the time was calendula flowers i decided to make calendula ointment. I got an A, YAY! Not long after our beautiful baby girl arrived Gemma, 6 months later she had eczema down her neck, as i left the doctors office with a CORTISONE perscription I thought “what am i doing, I have been studying calendula, i have made the ointment, i’ve got this” so, i decided to try it on her (yes not tested on animals though on my baby!!!) it worked, not a cure as it turned out to be from wheat, though the ointment helped with the tight dry skin and gave her protection.

I found that i enjoyed making the Calendula Ointment and as there were many, many herbs in my garden, i wanted to make products from herbs that grew well here. So i decided to start a naturopathy course taking out all the skin element subjects i could find (not a cheap way to do it i know)
I also was lucky enough to have a mentorship that had recipes handed down 9 generations, that was my true beginning of Saarinen Organics

My very first market was 10 years ago at nethercote with 5 products. Now 10 years down the track i have a purpose built lab, 37 products, a thriving Permaculture farm and we are self sufficient with our income, food, power, water and straw bale house.
Now that as i type this, i cannot believe we have made it!! I would be lying if i said it was easy, it wasnt, there were many times of feeling over whelmed and defeated from natural disasters, failed crops, exhaustion, but we have done it, (and still married lol) we still haven’t finished though.
Another turning point for us was having people wanting to pay to have tours here “WOW” Gregg and i both thought we were years away from that, though others can appreciate our hard work, sometimes gregg and i just see what we have not done! Now we proudly stand before tour groups and tell our story and show people around, “happy dance”.

We would love to share our Permaculture systems, so we are starting to keep video logs and putting them on our youtube channel and facebook page, so do pop over and have a look (they are a bit raw) though we are giving away our secrets to a successful Permaculture life.

Getting back to Saarinen Organics and skin care, we have decided to source as many local ingredients as we can. As a farmer ourselves we know how important it is to be supported localy so we have endeavoured to source what we can locall and i must say the quality is fantastic with local low heated bees wax and honey (cant find better) Mt darragh lavender, local echinacea, Olive oil and chilli. The ingredients we cant source local we will buy certified organic Australian.

We make all our bases here in my lab from scratch! Yes, that’s right, from scratch!! That is unique in itself. I also make with all our Herbs that we grow here on our Permaculture farm is our fresh herbal infusions, fresh herbal apple cider vinegar tinctures and extractions.

Our Motto is to “help you glow naturally”
We dont make claims of wrinkle free products, more so clean healthy fresh looking skin.

Well i think that’s it in a nutshell, thank you for taking the time to read this and also for supporting our eco friendly sustainable all natural skin care.
Saarinen Organics
All natural skin care
Helping you glow naturally

xx Kay Saarinen


Our formula facts:

NO Mineral Oil
NO Silicones
NO Propylene Glycol
NO Fragrance
NO Petrolatum / Paraffin Wax
NO Parabens
NO Ethanolamines
NO Synthetic Dye
NO Phthalates
NO Synthetic Retinol
NO Animal testing
NO Nature identic

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  1. Dear Kay,

    I love all of your products! Right now I’m looking to top up with your Comfrey ointment. Do you have any available?


  2. hi lois, we did catch up via email a while ago, and I hope you have been enjoying your comfrey ointment

  3. Great Story! Can’t wait to come and explore your place and learn all about your products . Look forward to meeting you. 🙂

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