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Confusing skin care routines explained


I hear this all the time “I have had so many conflicting skin care routines from so many different companies”

It IS confusing having a lot of skin care routine advice from many different company’s.

There is a reason for it and its not sinister.

Its all about the ingredients, different ingredients do different things.
All routines are based on how they interreact with each other, makes sense hey when its explained.

Take control and work out what ingredients are best for you by
– what feels good on your skin
– work out what irritates your skin

Also work out what outcome you are chasing
– fine lines
– clear skin
– glowing skin

than work out your skin type
– oily
– dry
– combination

I actually love working with people to find this out,
I can arrange a zoom meeting on facebook meets face to face and we can get to the nitty gritties for free.

My products may not be right for you though you can work out what products are with a little guidance.

Mature skin care Bundle and save

By Kay Saarinen – Eco skin care made sustainably in Australia NSW

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