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Microplastic Free Scrub

I do hope many people have seen the devastating toll these plastic beads have done on our water ways. Over the years I have had many discussions about plastic beads, expressing my concerns about the effect they will have on the environment, finally the knowledge is mainstream now.

From a business point of view, I understand why companies use them as they are cheap! Profit, profit, profit!

We here at Saarinen Organics choose to use Jojoba Wax Beads in our scrub, they are strong enough to clean out the pores and remove a layer of dead skin cells, then they melt and moisturise! Why do companies not use them? Because of the price, they are very expensive, in fact, our margin is very low on our scrubs due to this. We are not all about that, we are about living sustainably, both from our land and whilst caring for the land! These are the reasons why all-natural skincare products just cannot compete with larger companies’ price tags.

Follow the above link and check out what plastic beads are doing to our environment.

xx Kay

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